Planning our eternal life together

We both were just about to give up on online dating. It seemed that everyone was so insincere.
Then I, "alwayshappy60", recieved an email from "DN007". I saw that he had served his mission in Venezuela. Since I am originally from Ecuador, I was interested in knowing if he still spoke Spanish, because I felt that it would give us a common point to start a relationship. We began talking over the phone very soon after that for hours at a time. Everyday. After a couple of months of daily conversations, he decided to come to New York to meet me. We knew right away that we were right for each other. It was only a few days after that that we decided to get married! "DN007" and "alwayhappy60" were married on June 16, 2005 and we are planning our eternal life together, including going through the temple and being sealed together forever. Thanks to everyone associated with the LDS Mingle web site! Good luck to all of our friends out there. Don't lose hope!

alwayshappy60 & DN007

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