Mississippi to California

Mississippi to California, one IM, a few e-mails, lots of smiles, hours on the phone laughing hysterically, finally meeting in person, and now a WEDDING!

We both always say that not in a million years would we have ever imagined that we would have found our perfect match on the internet, but we realize that the best things in life usually come when you least expect them to. In this case, from across the country while sitting down at the computer. If it were easy it wouldn't be as satisfying in the end to have what you always dreamed of. So, to all those minglers out their, keep in mind that Geography only means so much when you keep an Eternal perspective. When you find yourself wanting to talk on the phone to one person rather than going out with someone else in person you know you have got it bad.

We are now going to be married in the Newport Beach Temple in September, after which we will both be living together in Mississippi. Besides, who needs the beach when you can have the perfect man who will keep you laughing forever.

Eternally grateful,
"watsgoinon" & "cometgirl"

cometgirl & watsgoinon

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