Mingle gave us a chance to meet

As a kind of ritual to close our accounts, we logged in as each other and looked at things from each other's perspective as we close this part of our lives and start a life together. Mingle gave us a chance to meet and grill each other before a physical meeting would distract us. We were able to use Mingle to assess each other's character and values before hormones could have a chance to distract us. We have met, of course, and are deeply in love, in part because we laid the right foundation first. Praying and going to the temple together was the next step in building a sure foundation. We have since shared laughs and smiles, scriptures and fun, and a whole lot of romance. Thank-you, Mingle, for doing our match for us (we were a 100% match) and for giving us the chance to lay the right foundation. We are growing deeply in love and look forward to our eternity together. God bless you all as you strive to find that one true love. We did and we will be forever grateful to Mingle and, most of all, to our Father in Heaven.

**UPDATED Jan 24th, 2007**
We were married civilly because there was going to be a wait for paperwork to be sealed in the temple. We decided that rather than wait and risk messing up we could get married civilly and then we would KNOW when we could be sealed. It would be exactly one year from the date of our civil marriage. We were sealed on our one year anniversary in the Toronto Temple and we had our big reception after the sealing. The former Temple President (who had been the Pres just a few months before our sealing) was Ron's old Stake President who had sent him on his mission. His wife was Ron's old seminary teacher and a confidante who had a big influence on his life. It was a privilige to have them present for the ceremony and for the Temple President (just months before) perform the ceremony. It was a wonderful day. The sun was shining and it was warm even though it was October. We had family fly in from New York and British Colombia. The missionary that was responsible for teaching my family and for baptising me flew in from Utah. It was the most amazing day!!!!

We are very happy and our love grows stronger each day. We are so grateful for LDSMingle. We were able to screen people based on our personal values to find those we would like to get to know better. Having a temple reccomend and attending church faithfully were on the top of our lists. We are so grateful that there was a place where we could find members with the same commitment to the gospel we each had. Thank you LDSMingle for making it easier to find the person of our dreams.


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