Married May 20th, 2005

Dear Sara,

My user name was "Solitudeangel" and my new husbands user name was Colin. I signed up last June, meeting some very nice people. Colin made
contact with me on the 15th of July 2004, we hit it off straight away. We spoke every night either on 'Mingle' or on the phone. We looked forward to our chats and had much in common. Our first meeting was at the London temple on the 7th
of August, a good, safe place to meet. For the next few months we spent every other weekend together. Introducing our children to each other was a great success and they would often stay for the weekend too. We stayed close to Heavenly Father, as we had both been hurt, and He guided our relationship. "Colin" proposed to me on Christmas Day. Putting our faith in Heavenly Father, we planned a spring wedding, and on the 20th of May 2005 we married. Our day was so special, which involved our children, they sang, read poems and ushered. Without this site, we would never have met, this is a fantastic, safe, and fun way of meeting great people, we send our grateful thanks to you and all the staff at LDS Mingle.

Solitudeangel & Colin

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