Keep the faith!

"Jonathon357" and I met October 10, 2004, when he sent me a mingle mail. Five days later, I responded. We kept writing back and forth and he was very consistent. Soon, I sent him my phone number to give him permission to call me. We were talking on the phone on a regular basis. Then, we decided on a date that would be good for him to visit. He lives in Illinois and I live in Idaho. He flew out to see me January 14, and we hit it off. The best part was being able to go to the temple together. After he left, I booked a flight to go see him in Illinois. It was the longest month ever, before we got to see each other again. By then, we had been talking about getting married, so it was no surprise when he proposed on Valentine's day. Soon after I left Illinois, he came to Idaho, then on to visit friends in Washington, before we got married in March. We were sealed March 12, 2005, in the Idaho Falls Temple. We spent three weeks together before he went back to Illinios and I stayed in Idaho to finish my semester in college. We are now expecting a baby in December (I have a 5 year old daughter from a previous relationship) and will be living together in Illinois in two weeks. It is amazing the things that can happen in one's life when one is persistent. Both of our dreams have come true thanks to this LDSMingle site. We would encourage others to keep the same persistent attitude that worked for us. Keep the faith!

Dannygirl and Jonathon357.

dannygirl & jonathon357

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