If you believe it will work, it will

In late November "KikanSenkyoushi" sent me a smile, we hit it off well through email and soon were talking on the phone. By the end of January, he flew up to meet me here in Minnesota.

Before he left we had agreed to get married. In March, I flew out to Utah to meet his family, which went wonderfully. By April, "KikanSenkyoushi" had made the move from Utah to Minnesota, all just to be with me.

We will be sealed in the St. Paul Temple on August 12th 2005.

Advice to those of you who are considering trying internet dating: If you believe it will work, it will. If you believe it won't work, it won't.

We are forever in your debt LDS Mingle, thank you!

"SaucySaint" & "KikanSenkyoushi"

SaucySaint & KikanSenkyoushi

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