I wasn't his ideal match

I saw his smile and read his perfect day and knew I had to contact him. I wasn't his ideal match, but I took a chance and boy, am I glad I did. We started emailing each other and then IMing and after having a 6 hour IM session we decided to talk to each other the next day. We talked for 9 hours our first phone conversation with each other and have talked to each other almost every day since, usually for 5 hours or more. He is everything I've ever hoped for and more and in only a few short weeks we have already decided to spend eternity with each other. I wasn't even going to look any more for a few months and he had pretty much given up too but suddenly, there we were for each other. We can't thank this site enough for bringing us together. We live several states apart and would've never met otherwise. I wish luck to everyone else who is still searching for their eternal partner. It can happen.


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