I was extremely busy, with very little time to date.

Last year, around June, I was finishing college in San Diego, CA. I was working full-time and going to school, so I was extremely busy, with very little time to date. I wondered how I was going to find a tall (I'm 6'1''), LDS, attractive guy that would click with me. I started chatting on here during one of my computer classes. There was a user on here, "Snupheluphagus", that had seen me months before when I opened my profile and had been waiting for me to sign on so that he could chat with me. Well finally one day I was on at the same time as him and he IM'd me. We started to chat and eventually exchanged phone numbers. He was on the opposite side of the country and also finishing school. We began chatting on the phone a couple of hours a day. And then he flew out for my college graduation to meet me for the first time. We knew then it was something special. And now a year and a half later, we are 3 months happily married and sealed in the Las Vegas Temple July 5.

We owe a debt of gratitude to LDSMINGLE and the life changing consequences it had. How else would two tall, LDS, single adults meet all the way across the country. Thank you to everyone and all that you do. I can truly say that we and our posterity are ETERNALLY grateful!!!

"victoriasecret22" & "snupheluphagus"

Victoriasecret22 & Snupheluphagus

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