I think you guys have made another match!

I felt impressed to sign up with you guys after ending an engagement that over time did not seem completely right. On the 2nd day, I found an amazing fellow and we have become wonderful friends already and it's only been 3 days!! He is very very sweet and kind and humble and caring and LOVES HEAVENLY FATHER - and we match up in feelings and testimony and personality so much. And, he is very nice looking to beat! The feelings of this being a match are very strong and wonderful. Maybe Heavenly Father has prepared both of us in our life experiences to meet at this time and to be so appreciative of the characteristics of each other that we have developed over the years. You guys are angels for setting this site up! Thank you so very much. Will keep in touch how things are going!

PS - aside from this one and only one I felt impressed to answer it was quite flattering and uplifting to have many other LDS men send compliments and know that others appreciate you. Keep up this wonderful work and blessing.


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