I'm from Spain, she's from CA

About one year and 8 or 9 months ago, I met, thru your website, a wonderful girl nicknamed "Schmaff". I had to send her 2 smiles untill finally she started to pay attention to me. She didn't want to because, among other stuff, she lives close to Los Angeles (Calif) and I'm from and live in Spain. Yes! Quite much a distance! About a third of the world!

Anyway, we started to like each other, and after 4 months of chat, IM and phone, she came to meet me at my place and we stayed together for 3 weeks. Three months later, at the end of September, I went to her place where I also had the chance of meeting her lovely family. As things were working, we decided to "take the step" and in her next visit here, to Madrid, right after Christmas, right as she got to the airport and even before kissing her "hello", I kneeled in front of her and gave her "THE RING". We set our wedding day for next October 7th, so as promised, here I am attaching our announcement.

BTW, we're getting married FOREVER AND EVER in the Salt Lake Temple. I'm moving to the States, where I'll start from the night to the day a completely new life; you know: Married, in a new country, new job--everything. Having left me job here, my family, etc, etc. I just sold my car today! But, I don't care: I'd do anything for my baby. She's just the best! I guess that's the most important thing, that we love each other and that we'll do our best to make a eternal family out of this relation that we started thru you.
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!


Enigmatic & Schmaff

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