I loved him even before I met him

Sept. of 2003, I first saw his profile on LDSMingle.com. We talked on the phone soon after and we were just drawn to each other. I can honestly say that I loved him even before I met him. Lots of open talks and lots of prayer led us to meet on November 21, 2003. After a couple more airplane trips on both of our parts, I decided to move from PA, to AZ to marry him. We were married May 21, 2004--exactly 6 months after we met in person. It was a wild ride for sure, but now that we have been married for 8 months, we couldn't be happier! I was always afraid of marriage. Well, not so much marriage, but what happens when people fall into a bad marriage--stuck together for life, fighting and not getting along. Trust me, I know--my parents were like that. But, now I see, that with this guy, anything is possible. He is truly my best friend. I couldn't imagine being happier with anyone else. And, I have to say, that I believe Heavenly Father put us together, not because of predestination or anything like that, but I believe that we are meant to be together because of who we both are and the choices we have made. Thank you so much ldsmingle.com for being a way for us to link up!


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