I love him a whole lot

I just wanted to share a success story. I met my fiance through ldsmingle. We are getting married on June the tenth of 2005. I find it ironic that we're getting married because if you had told either of us that we would meet our future spouse via the internet we would have laughed in your face. Haha, and look at us now. I love him a whole lot. I'm pretty sure he loves me too ;-) He is from Arizona and I am from Utah. He flew out after emailing me a couple of times, and we met on temple square around November. He has flown out almost every week since then, and made me the happiest girl ever. I know we would never have met. Well, let's just say- God works in mysterious...new...ways ;)
Just wanted to share my story, and say thanks (even though I never thought I would be saying this) for producing your lds dating site thing! ;-)
Peace and Love,


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