I haven't had a profile now for over 1.5 years

I want to appologize because I haven't had a profile now for over 1.5 years and let me explain why. I was up in Alaska in the middle of the bush for quite a while when I met "dublniklz" on LDS Mingle. We chatted a bit, talked on the phone and when I moved to Utah a few months later to go to school, we started hanging out frequently as friends. We became best friends (but both dated other people at the time). I met other people on LDS Mingle but never anyone like "dublniklz" so I cancelled my profile cuz I just figured I'd met my gold. I went back home for a month and he couldn't stand me being away and so upon my return we began our venture together. We've been dating now for a year, and although it doesn't feel like we met on LDS Mingle, we did. I feel like we have been friends for forever and it's hard to imagine that something so simple could have connected us. He is my everything and I'm so glad that he sent me a smile so long ago - or did I send him a smile. See, I can't even remember, but thanks either way!


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