I have some great news!

Hi Sara,

I have some great news! I am engaged to "thetrain". We met right here on LDS Mingle. We talked and exchanged emails then we met in person at the Birmingham single adult conference and we just clicked. It was 2 puzzle pieces finally coming together and we both heard an audible click that only we could hear. I never imagined I would find my soulmate, let alone having him still here on earth. I had thought that my soulmate may have passed on to the other side and I would have to settle for or not get married at all. Well, he has been right here in Birmingham, Alabama. It's amazing we are getting married on March 16, 2006. And later, we have plans to get sealed in the temple. Long story why we aren't doing that first though we have that as our number one goal. I have never felt this way towards anyone and I have been married and divorced twice. I am so happy I found my true love and just when I was losing hope. I have LDS Mingle to thank and my Heavenly Father up and foremost to thank for bringing "thetrain" into my life when both we were ready. When 2 people are meant to be together and they are both ready to meet things will happen. Thanks Sara for all you do and for helping the Lord to bring us together.

I thought I'd share the news and thank you again for LDS Mingle and being there when I was ready to give up hope. I guess my message is never give up there is always someone special for you patience love and perseverance and relying on Heavenly Father first and foremost you will find your one true love.

"AnnMC" and "thetrain"

AnnMC & thetrain

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