I deleted his profile

Here is another successful story for your collection. First, I must admit I consider it incredible that I'm writing this kind of note now, but it is happening!! I (mecr) joined your service last year and was on and off, still not convinced that I'd meet that "special one", but I was mostly on to look for friends. Then one day, I saw "Anhagabau" online and invited him to chat which we did for a couple of hours. The next two times I saw him and invited him to chat again; he said he was busy chatting with others so I simply "deleted" his profile from my list. Almost two months later (beginning of May) and when my subscription was over and not planning to renew it at all, he invited me to chat. He said he had seen me online before but I was "quiet". Of course I didn't tell him I deleted his profile from my list. We chatted and that very night we went to the dance. I must admit I thought he wouldn't asked me out again since nothing spectacular or special happened during that first meeting, but he did and he certainly kept asking me to go out with him to the point that we fell in love and got married in August. What started as a simple date with no fireworks or magic but as a simple beginning of a new friendship ended with two people falling in love while getting know each other. Last night I told him that I was so thankful to him for making me so happy these two months that we have been married and certainly there are no words to express how happy we are. My bishop says he is a good man and I completely agree with him. I couldn't ask for more! Thanks for your wonderful service and good luck everyone.

**UPDATED Jan 18th, 2007**
He proposed on June and we got married on July 2005. I would had never imagined I would get married that fast but here we are, a year and
half later, very much in love and very happy. Richard is a wonderful man with so many qualities and a big heart, but what I love the most of him is his testimony of the gospel and our Savior, therefore, his effort to be
christ-like is what makes our marriage very special.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for your service.

mecr & anhagabau

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