I bit the bullet

In July of 2003 I became a member of Mingle, after having been underwhelmed by another LDS website. I just loved the software of Mingle, and the way it tracks everything. I am a writer (for a living) and I REALLY believe that you can tell more about someone by reading what they write, than anything they may utter!

I really didn't know what I was doing, but I bit the bullet and took some photos of myself. That was the toughest part of the whole process, but soon I met a number of nice ladies. One in particular stood out from the group. Her username was Chamelion and we soon found ourselves chatting all night long! Well, at first she DID give me the wrong telephone number, accidentally, and I knew that she had a dial-up modem. She cut the internet connection to await my call, with me calling ALL the wrong people! I remember dialing every iteration of her telephone digits, waking some people up! All I could do was get back on Mingle and message her. (I thought she would be mad that I left her hanging)

Needless to say, I did get ahold of her, and we began getting to know each other. She lived about 45 miles away, so I asked her out. It was the FIRST blind date in my life, and I was a little nervous, but WOW did things work out well! I began making that drive MANY times. We are PERFECT for each other, and we often joked how we might also be one of those couples that writes a "Dear Mingle" success story letter!

Well, here we are...married! We tied the knot on April 15th, 2004 (yes, TAX day so I wouldn't FORGET the date!). We are preparing to get sealed in the temple, one year from that date! A lot of people think that this computer dating is silly, but it worked very well for us! I notice now that Mingle is even BETTER with new functions and features. I'd love to try it out the new software, BUT...hey, the old version already did the trick!!!

It worked for us, it can work for YOU! Thanks Mingle.

"TyStrat" & "Chamelion"

**UPDATED Aug 28th, 2006**
The last time I was here, the site was quite a bit different...a lower grade of forum software, but the FINAL OUTCOME was the same, as Desiree (chamelion) and me, Ty..(TYSTRAT) came back to announce that we have been married (because of "mingle") for 2.5 years, and we just returned from a belated honeymoon in Kauai. Combined, we have SEVEN children! Wow...but we're up for it. We are SOULMATES, and BEST FRIENDS.

I found the true love of my life here in these mingle forums. Oddly, the 'other' sites just didn't compare to Mingle. Now, I'm a writer by trade, and I can tell more about a person by reading what they WRITE than in hours of speaking.

NOW we are just 3 weeks away from permission from Salt Lake to get SEALED in the temple. So, by the time anyone READS this...we'll be eternal "soulmates" and "best friends". Cool, eh? All because of faith in a new technology to help me "meet people"...online. Maybe eHarmony is onto something! We sure connect at a deep level because of our common testimonies. We both work hard at our marriage, and also in our daily lives. We do so willingly because of the blessings that have come.

Thank you very much, Mingle. You actually WORKED as advertised! Sincerely,

Ty Stratford (TYSTRAT)
Desiree Stratford (Chamelion)

TyStrat & Chamelion

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