I am so happy

We haven't quite set a date yet - she was married in the temple before and is now divorced so we're in the process of getting her a temple divorce and depending on how long that will take we will either wait to get sealed this year, or just go ahead with a normal wedding by a bishop only to be sealed later. I am so happy with her and the fact that your site enhanced my chances of meeting her. We have a incredible amount of things in common and are just so in love with one another. Right now I don't have any pictures yet, however, she is coming out in 3 weeks to visit (I live in MA, she in ID) so we'll have ample amounts of them after that and I will ensure one makes it's way to you.
Best of luck to you and your family and again thanks for your help, you'll never realize how great it was and how much it means to us!


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