Here is the wildest, most wonderful Internet dating story

Here is the wildest, most wonderful Internet dating story you may ever hear!! Actually, I met "Geowulf" 12 years ago. He was the mission companion of a friend of mine. Because I was such a faithful letter writer, "Geowulf" got my address and sent me a letter in hopes of receiving some mail. I enjoyed his letters so much that we wrote diligently for the remainder of his mission. After his mission, we met and got engaged. Well, as it is said “life happens” and we ended up going our separate ways. 12 years later, after "Geowulf"’s divorce he decided to give LDS Mingle a try. He completed his profile and suddenly I came up as his “perfect match”. After he got over the wow-ness of it, he sent me an email. Although it took some time, I soon realized it was “My Missionary” who was trying to contact me. We started emailing and soon began talking on the phone. I spent a lot of time analyzing my feelings, making sure that whatever I was feeling wasn’t just lingering from years before. You see, "Geowulf" was my “what if”. He was the one that I often thought about and wondered how he was. Even though in the meantime I had married and divorced someone else, I never totally got "Geowulf" out of my mind or out of my heart. After just a few weeks of talking, I was taking a trip to California to see a girlfriend of mine and decided to take a quick side trip to Arizona. The moment I got in his car I knew my life would never be the same again. Although the realization wasn’t quite as instant for him, he soon decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. We were officially engaged (again) two weeks later and will be married in the St. Paul Minnesota Temple on October 15, 2005. This time, I guarantee that NOTHING will get in the way of it. I consider myself to be so very blessed for having "Geowulf" in my life, and I am eternally thankful to Mingle for giving us the opportunity to get in contact with one another again.

More grateful than words can express,
Jenshep & Geowulf

JenShep & Geowulf

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