He proposed on Valentine’s Day

We started writing each other sometime in November. We almost didn't get past that point, because in writing I had told him about how I had to support my first two husbands, so if I got married I really didn't want to have to work. He wrote back and told me how he felt. He wished he was in a position where I wouldn't have to work, but I would probably have to work at least part-time. After thinking about that for a while, I realized that the fact that I had two kids, if we did get married, he would be putting himself out just helping me raise them. So I wrote back and said that it was fair that I work part-time. I was just trying to explain that if I got married I didn’t want to support another husband, but he didn’t seem the type to make me support him.

We arranged to go out on a date, and we went out on our first date one week before Christmas. We had a lot of fun, but we were both busy with our lives. Since he had had a bad relationship before, and with my past two bad marriages, we decided we would take it slow and only went out every other weekend for the first month and a half. Gradually, we started going out one night every weekend, which turned into spending everyday of every weekend that we could.

Part of me was afraid things wouldn’t work out because my son has ADHD and has a lot of anger due to the way his biological father and his first stepfather treated him after I had married him. But, both my son and daughter love him and I believe we will be a happy family.

He proposed on Valentine’s Day and I couldn’t be happier. We have been planning our wedding ever since and doing what we could to prepare, including me filing for a Cancellation of Sealing from my first husband. That seemed to take forever because every time that I thought the papers were on their way to church headquarters, there was something else I needed to do. After they were on their way, it seemed to take forever to get a response back. But, we finally got it, and we were able to finalize our wedding plans. (Reserve a sealing room, make invitations, etc.) We are so excited to be married! We are so much in love. I believe we have truly met our soul mate.

We will be sealed on June 11th at 10:00 am. The reception will be from 4-7 pm at
1570 E. Nicholls Rd. Fruit Heights, UT 84037.

Thank you again for your service, and I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today if it weren’t for this website. But, I also believe that Heavenly Father meant for us to meet at this time.

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