He had to join to see what I said.

Hi Sara~

We have been meaning to write our "Success Story" for quite sometime. I met "RJH2SIX" on LDS Mingle back on May 22, 2002. I saw his profile and wrote him. He had to join to see what I said. We had a 9:00pm date on LDS Mingle for a few weeks. Then we exchanged phone numbers, and he called!! We talked a lot of course. We had a small distance problem, I lived in Lancaster, CA and he lived in Las Vegas. We both worked and have kids to take care of. Finally, my sister came out from Florida and we flew to Reno to see my Mom. We had a lay over in Las Vegas going and coming back. We first met in the airport in Las Vegas. As soon as we saw each other we were very comfortable. He put his arm around me and we talked and smiled a lot. I felt like saying "where have you been all of my life?" He brought his youngest son and I brought my sister and 5 year old granddaughter. We got the stamp of approval from everyone. On the way home from Reno we met again in the airport in Las Vegas. He worked 2 jobs and had his kids on weekends, so time went by until the week before Thanksgiving, 2002. I took a trip to Las Vegas. Once again we were very comfortable with each other. He is such a sweetheart and a gentleman. The next time we got together was New Years Eve, then Super Bowl Sunday. Then he surprised me for my birthday in February. After that we took turns visiting each other in between High School basketball and baseball games and his work. We started taking short trips together and all our kids started pushing us to get married. Well, after my youngest son graduated from High School and my other son was on a Mission, I moved to Las Vegas in Aug 2005. He proposed to me on the Temple grounds and we got married 3 weeks later, September 16, 2005! Then we went on an Alaskan Cruise for our honeymoon! We are very happy together. This is our 3rd marriage for both of us and THREE is the CHARM! I have found the man of my dreams, yes, even at 48years old. He thinks I am wonderful and special. He is wonderful and the BEST.

Thank you, Sara and LDS Mingle.

SoCalRob & RJH2SIX

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