Drawn to each other

About 19 months ago, I "TKDmom" was contacted by "whtagyiam" and exchanged a few interesting messages back and forth. The contact was discontinued for awhile; then in mid-March, he started writing again, and we quickly developed a closeness that was intriguing and surprising. Normally, I would feel very uncomfortable with the speed with which things were progressing, but I felt totally at ease with him, and we decided to meet after about 5 weeks of e-mails and phone calls. He arrived on Sunday evening, April 17, from St. George, UT. We both felt drawn to each other in a spiritual way, as well as intellectually and emotionally. We spent the next three days showing him around the valley where I live and talking. There was no denying that we were meant to be together. He asked me to marry him, and I wholeheartedly accepted. We then attended the Billings Temple the next day, and had such a special experience there, that we knew our feelings had been confirmed. The wedding is May 17th. It will be at our church and our bishop will do the honors. We will spend a few days in West Yellowstone, MT before coming down again to the real world. I am planning on a reception at home after a couple of weeks. He and I share many interests. He is really intelligent and very
people-oriented; loves to talk about almost anything. He has a son and daughter the
same age as my two older kids. He has formed a great connection with my 10-year-old son at home, who is eagerly looking forward to our new family
structure. He is a real gentleman in dress, demeanor and speech. He treats me very well, and is a wonderfully sweet man. He is really everything I have been praying for--plus, he cooks! He tells me I am a wonderful, beautiful woman, and when I'm with him, I feel the part!
After being a widow for 6 years, I wondered if I would ever find another perfect companion, but it happened! Thanks, Mingle!

"TKDmom" & "Whtagyiam"

**UPDATED May 31, 2005**

Thank you so much for being my connection to the future! Between you and the Lord, my prayers have been answered in a wonderful, intelligent, kind, loving man, "whtagyiam".

After emailing and phoning for just 5 weeks, we met on a Sunday when he drove up to Montana from southern Utah (a gruelling 12-hour trek with plenty of time for second thoughts!) and by Tuesday we were committed to each other.

The next day we spent time in the Billings Temple and had the Spirit confirm our feelings that we should fulfill each other's dreams. We will be married on May 17th.

It'll be fun telling our grandkids in 20 years how we met on the 'net! Thank you for this great program!


TKDmom & whtagyiam

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