Decided it was time to pursue this "pen pal" relationship

It's another sucess story! From beautiful Alaska! We never thought it could happen, but miracles do happen! Even with "long distance" dating.

"1brian" lives in Alaska; I resided in Utah. Initially it began as "pen pals" because of the distance. He contacted me in April, and we enjoyed "just getting to know each other" without any expectations. Neither of us thought there was a chance of ever getting together, but we loved corresponding about the outdoors and our hobbies.

In July I was offered a free ticket to travel on business and enjoy Alaska. "1brian" and his family graciously offered a place to stay while visiting his hometown. I had a chance to meet with his Bishop, his best friends, his grown children and other important people in his life. My visit was brief, but we decided it was time to pursue this "pen pal" relationship a little more seriously.

A month of emails and phone calls passed and we decided this was something too good to pass up due to distance. We both had a "knowing" in our hearts and a beautiful sense of peace about "us." I scheduled another trip to Alaska for September, but as time approached our phone calls became more serious and soon September was set for a wedding. Talk about a "whirlwind romance!" Only 45 days!

We married September 17 and we're both very pleased and very much in love with each other. Our likes, dislikes, goals, dreams, aspirations, family values and religious beliefs are pretty much the same and married life has been wonderful. I've even been offered 3 jobs since arriving here!

We spent our honeymoon hiking the mountains and ridges outside of Anchorage watching moose, sea otters, sea lions and bear, playing in Seward, and on the Russian River watching what was left of spawning salmon.

So, despite what they say about long distance relationships, and age, we're both 52 - we are a success story and thankful to LDS Mingle and our Heavenly Father for the opportunity to find each other! Thanks for contacting me "1brian"!

bsylee & 1brian

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