I never in a million years thought I would be as happy as I am now! I was divorced almost seven ago and began my search for that special someone shortly thereafter. I looked for many years, dated many different types of people and really narrowed down the type of person I was looking for. I never thought I would meet him online but as the prophet says, if it is used for good many rightous things will come to pass. (paraphrasing of course). For me that came to pass last October when I met a wonderful "farmboy" (for those who have not seen The Princess Bride, check it out to understand the anology). We were married May 14 this year in the Idaho Falls Temple. And, I truly could not be any happier. We have blended our families together and continue everyday to make our home a heaven on earth. Thank you so much for the opportunity I had to meet him on this site. JUST REMEMBER, KEEP PRAYING, DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!!

sheahglr & farmboy

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