Broken road that led me straight to you

Docazoid and Pisces_grl are now ...Mr and Mrs. We met on LDS Mingle. We both had been single for many years and can't believe that love and happiness are found. My new Husband is a Dentist, and I am a Dental assistant. The area where he lives does not offer the opportunity to meet many LDS singles, while at a dental seminar given by an LDS Dentist, Docazoid out of the blue asked the speaker, during a break about meeting LDS singles. The comment made was "they have a web site for that." We started chatting, the chatting led to several plane trips, and the plane trips along with thousands of free cell phone minutes (blessed be free cell mins) all led to a proposal at Christmas time in the Tabernacle on Temple Square (kinda sappy yes-but memorable for us just the same!) We were Married on April 20th. The re-location process is underway. It is a wonderful blessing to find happiness in marriage again! It is possible, we believe the words of the Rascall Flats song....God Blessed this broken road that led me straight to you. I continue to pray for the broken families, and broken hearts out there. I continue to be very greatful for the miracle that is the internet ie: LDS Mingle!

Docazoid & Pisces_grl

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