Best $29.99 ever invested...excellent return!

Best $29.99 ever invested...excellent return!!! Our respective eldest children convinced us to join the LDS Mingle. We were each reluctant, citing many reasons not to--no time, no interest, distance, artificial means of meeting people, etc. But, shortly after joining, we "connected" and emailed often (chat rooms and other instant contacts didn't appeal to either of us). Emails provided a degree of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual intimacy, then came phone conversations, and then dating. Being located 2,500 miles apart made "dating" a logistical challenge, but we decided that if the "chemistry" was right the geography could be dealt with. Amazingly, we fell in love and the rest is history. We have become best friends with the kind of relationship few ever experience in their lifetime. We have found our soul mate, and we make each other happy. At our age, and as widowed singles, we did not expect to ever feel love and a bond so intense again, but the Lord has blessed us with a second chance. We are now engaged and happy ex-mingles-singles soon to be married. We advise all to be honest and true, know who you are, leave your baggage behind, don't worry about the miles, respect the differences that you both might bring into a new relationship and take a chance. But, make sure that the connection is real and pray for the Lord to confirm. Sometimes eagerness and the excitement of new love can be confusing. Thanks Mingles for "facilitating" our eternal happiness.


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