A great feeling inside and a Big YES!

Thanks for your congratulations. I have to say that I am so glad I had the blessing to meet my husband on Mingle. Of course you know him, "Kmosabee". Well our story was just perfect.
We started to chat everyday, getting to know each other better. We have tons of things in common. Everyone was praying about it, if we were the right person for each other, and God answered that with a great feeling inside and a big YES!!! He went to Chile to see me (April 20th 2004). We spent time together, that was so exciting and great. He is a great man with strong moral principles and values, he has a strong knowledge about the gospel too. So we decided to get married and we started our papers in the USA Embassy in Chile (my country). It took several months to get my visa, but finally I got it. I traveled to the US on December 23rd (2004)and we got married on the 29th of January. We are just so blessed to be together. Our Father in heaven made us just perfect for each other. I love my husband and he loves me too.
Thanks again, for everything.

Chilenisima & Kmosabee

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