Success Stories: 2005

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Was only 5 miles away

I've been single in a city of 500,000 people for many years. Although I've been involved in singles programs through the church, I never found Mr. Right For Me. I joined LDS Mingles 10 months ago and met many wonderful people from many different states, yet the one I finally picked who will be spending eternity with was only 5 miles away. Amazing that it took LDS Mingles for us to meet. We will be getting married in the summer of 2005, blending my 4 and his 6 all between the ages of 16-27. What a blessing! "KANBFUN" LOVES "CEDARCYN"


If you believe it will work, it will

In late November "KikanSenkyoushi" sent me a smile, we hit it off well through email and soon were talking on the phone. By the end of January, he flew up to meet me here in Minnesota.

Before he left we had agreed to get married. In March, I flew out to Utah to meet his family, which went wonderfully. By April, "KikanSenkyoushi" had made the move from Utah to Minnesota, all just to be with me.

We will be sealed in the St. Paul Temple on August 12th 2005.

Advice to those of you who are considering trying internet dating: If you believe it will work, it will. If you believe it won't work, it won't.

We are forever in your debt LDS Mingle, thank you!

"SaucySaint" & "KikanSenkyoushi"

SaucySaint & KikanSenkyoushi

I was sick of dating

I was sick of dating because all the guys that I had dated lately ended up having no motivation and honestly just wanted to be single. When "Bigboy10" smiled at me, I thought I would just flirt with him. We went on a date three weeks after that initial smile and we have been together everyday since. We're getting married in August, it's amazing!

Bigboy10 & bballgirl19

A Needle in a Haystack!

I have found the woman of my dreams! I have never had a friend that I could to talk to about anything and everything. We are so compatibile, and complement each other in every way. The 2,000 miles between us did not keep us apart and after meeting for the 4th time I asked her to marry me. I am bringing her home to me at the end of June and we will be wed in August.

"Kwright716" & "jasher4fun"

Kwright716 & jasher4fun

What a blessing!

I met my wife, "Yulissa", on lds We emailed, I flew to the Dominican Republic, met her, and fell in love with her. We are now married and we both have never been happier!!!! We believe Heavenly Father brought us together, what a blessing!!!

ctrtohavefun & Yulissa

Still as in love as the day we met!

My twin brother had actually wanted me to sign up for this dating service because he wanted to see how our "personality colors" matched up. After much persuasion from him and one of my cousins, I decided to try this site out. I always did it to meet new friends. I've met several very very good friends there that I will always cherish.

Well, on May 18th, 2005 ... I was sitting at the computer and decided to pull up the site. I then found myself searching through their database of "single men!" Ha!! There were some really good ones on there, and of course, some very very scary ones.. Just as I was about to just give up, I saw a profile. He was really cute, and sounded like a really neat guy. SO, for fun.. I decided to write to him. Well, he wrote me back.. Totally unexpected, let me tell ya!! Well, we started chatting. We were actually having a really nice conversation. He seemed like a really sweet guy. Well, I didn't have much more time to use the computer, and I told him I was going to have to go, and that I did not have a computer at home. He asked if he could call me. Never before had I EVER given a guy I had never met my telephone number. But, for some reason... I felt it was ok. So, we exchanged numbers.

After I got home, he called me. It was so nice to talk to someone who understood me. In fact, he seemed to know me. He would say things about me, that I never told him. Things that weren't even on my profile online. We had a LOT of the same likes and dislikes. In fact, I like some really weird combinations of food. He told me a couple of his,.. and they matched.. Really weird. Anywho.. We talked for like 6 hours that night.. and every night for about a week or so. Well, by this time we felt we were getting to know each other good enough that we decided that we wanted to meet. I was still eerie about meeting someone online.

Well, let me cut through a bunch of this, because it is going to take forever. He came down to meet me, and holy cow.. It was really awesome. I kept getting really good feelings about him. He was just the sweetest guy I had ever met. He was kind, and a gentleman. He actually opened doors for me! Well, we got to know each other more, and I eventually took him home to meet my family, then he took me to meet his family. I prayed and prayed about everything. Because it seemed to be going a little too fast. But, after praying about it, and getting to know him more, I felt really really good about it. Well, on June 10th 2005, he proposed to me, and we got married in the Snowflake, Arizona temple on June 25th. It was one of the most wonderful experiences that I have ever had in my life. Something I will truly cherish.

This marriage thing is pretty cool. I know its not easy, and things are going to be tough at times. But, it is totally worth it. He is an amazing man and he treats me VERY well. I don't have any doubts about marrying him. He's so good to me, and always by my side especially if something is bothering me."

We have now been happily married for just over a year and a half and are still in love as the day we met! After moving around for what seemed like forever, we finally settled back down where we were sealed. It's beautiful here and we are now trying to start our family.

Although there are tons of success stories about people meeting their Eternal Companions online, you can't be too careful. There are crazy people out there, and you have to be safe. Pray about this person before you meet him, and do not give out any personal information until you've checking him out. I actually did a background check on my husband before I met him.. :) haha.. Sounds crazy now.. But.. its safer! Always meet people you've found online in a busy place in public, not a secluded place in private. Have fun, and date tons before you get married.. After you get married, keep dating.. My husband and I have stayed closed because we didn't stop dating after we got married. I hope everyone out there finds someone as great as the man I found. I'm glad we are sealed for "Time & Eternity!"


Stephanie (StephanieAnn) & Daniel (dhd86503)
Sealed : June 25, 2006

StephanieAnn & dhd86503

Married June 26, 2004

We met in late March of 2003 on LDS Mingle.

We "chatted" online for about a month and a half.
Then, after MANY long distance phone calls, we decided to meet in person. We met in early May of 2003 and spent our first date at the Oakland Temple.

More phone calls, more flights, and more drives later--our dating quickly became a serious relationship. We were officially engaged December 31, 2004 and were married June 26, 2004 in the Redlands Temple with a Ring Ceremony, (for my Family and Friends whom are all non-LDS), at the Valley View Ward in Moreno Valley afterward. Following the Ring Ceremony was the Reception and Catered Dinner.

Our Honeymoon was a ten day trip to Hawaii. This was MOST relaxing. We had NEVER been there
before, and we would love to go back SOON!

Thank you again for LDS Mingle. We would NEVER have met without you.



15th of July

"gr8scot51" and "yarlrac" are getting married on the 15th of July. Thanks Sara, for getting this started to fit the need of those older ones that could not "fit" into younger generation dating sites.

gr8scot51 & yarlrac

Broken road that led me straight to you

Docazoid and Pisces_grl are now ...Mr and Mrs. We met on LDS Mingle. We both had been single for many years and can't believe that love and happiness are found. My new Husband is a Dentist, and I am a Dental assistant. The area where he lives does not offer the opportunity to meet many LDS singles, while at a dental seminar given by an LDS Dentist, Docazoid out of the blue asked the speaker, during a break about meeting LDS singles. The comment made was "they have a web site for that." We started chatting, the chatting led to several plane trips, and the plane trips along with thousands of free cell phone minutes (blessed be free cell mins) all led to a proposal at Christmas time in the Tabernacle on Temple Square (kinda sappy yes-but memorable for us just the same!) We were Married on April 20th. The re-location process is underway. It is a wonderful blessing to find happiness in marriage again! It is possible, we believe the words of the Rascall Flats song....God Blessed this broken road that led me straight to you. I continue to pray for the broken families, and broken hearts out there. I continue to be very greatful for the miracle that is the internet ie: LDS Mingle!

Docazoid & Pisces_grl

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