Success Stories: 2005

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We chatted all night

I met Julie on October 24th. We chatted all night long until I had to go to work the next morning. Just before we got off the site, I asked her out for that night. She was everything I was looking for, so we dated and I asked her to marry me on New Year's Eve and we got married in March. Thank you for the site. I'm so in love, it's like starting over. Thank you so much.



Sometimes you think you're never going to meet someone to spend your life with. Well, don't give up. Just when I thought that and was about to give up on things, my cousin, who I hadn't seen in a few years signed me up for lds mingle and then my dreams came true. I never thought I would meet someone over the internet and have a life with them. Well, a few months after I was signed up for lds mingle, I saw "bmbarnes65". I sent him a smile. Shorty after, I had recieved a smile back from him. We then began talking everyday and then on the phone, and then that day came when I got to meet the guy of my dreams. Since the first day I talked to him on the phone, I knew that he was the one for me and from then on, not a day went by that we didn't speak on the phone. And now, 6 months later, we have decided to be married on September 3, 2005. Thanks LDS MINGLE, you're great.
"rpeachy and bmbarnes65"

rpeachy & bmbarnes65

Mississippi to California

Mississippi to California, one IM, a few e-mails, lots of smiles, hours on the phone laughing hysterically, finally meeting in person, and now a WEDDING!

We both always say that not in a million years would we have ever imagined that we would have found our perfect match on the internet, but we realize that the best things in life usually come when you least expect them to. In this case, from across the country while sitting down at the computer. If it were easy it wouldn't be as satisfying in the end to have what you always dreamed of. So, to all those minglers out their, keep in mind that Geography only means so much when you keep an Eternal perspective. When you find yourself wanting to talk on the phone to one person rather than going out with someone else in person you know you have got it bad.

We are now going to be married in the Newport Beach Temple in September, after which we will both be living together in Mississippi. Besides, who needs the beach when you can have the perfect man who will keep you laughing forever.

Eternally grateful,
"watsgoinon" & "cometgirl"

cometgirl & watsgoinon

Happy to share our Mingles success story!

After only being on Mingles for a couple of weeks, I came across a profile that truly caught my attention. His amazing smile and gorgeous eyes prompted me to send a "smile". My note back from him was adorable!!

Since we live almost 800 miles apart, meeting face-to-face for the first time required him flying here to Atlanta, which he did after only
talking with me for a couple of weeks. Our first meeting was more wonderful than I could ever have hoped for. The chemistry was instantaneous. The comfort level was amazing. And, the attraction was oh so mutual!!!

Two weeks later, he traveled to Atlanta again, this time to surprise me by arriving on my doorstep for my birthday! He is truly an awesome
man. He's a man of God with a warm, sweet, kind, loving and most generous spirit. He is full of life, laughter and joy and a man who truly
appreciates Our Father's blessings. I am most wonderfully blessed!!!

Thank you for providing the means to our finding each other. I pray that each person on Mingles will find the same blessing that has been so
generously given to us. Blessings to all. "sevenhabitsgirl" & "havoc356"

(p.s. the photo attached was taken in front of the Atlanta Temple on our First Date!!)

sevenhabitsgirl & havoc356

Married May 20th, 2005

Dear Sara,

My user name was "Solitudeangel" and my new husbands user name was Colin. I signed up last June, meeting some very nice people. Colin made
contact with me on the 15th of July 2004, we hit it off straight away. We spoke every night either on 'Mingle' or on the phone. We looked forward to our chats and had much in common. Our first meeting was at the London temple on the 7th
of August, a good, safe place to meet. For the next few months we spent every other weekend together. Introducing our children to each other was a great success and they would often stay for the weekend too. We stayed close to Heavenly Father, as we had both been hurt, and He guided our relationship. "Colin" proposed to me on Christmas Day. Putting our faith in Heavenly Father, we planned a spring wedding, and on the 20th of May 2005 we married. Our day was so special, which involved our children, they sang, read poems and ushered. Without this site, we would never have met, this is a fantastic, safe, and fun way of meeting great people, we send our grateful thanks to you and all the staff at LDS Mingle.

Solitudeangel & Colin

At 40 and 45!

I felt inspired to join LDS Single Mingle. Only one week later, I met the man the Lord promised to send me. At 40 and 45, LDS dating dreams can still be delivered! "MillenialEve" and "" thank you for using technology for good! We will be married on Oct 22nd. Thanks be to God!


LDS Mingle was the vehicle that introduced us

LDS Mingle was the vehicle that introduced us to each other. The Spirit then directed both of us to bring us together and make a committment for marriage. For futher information on how this came about you will probably have to check with the Spirit to get His perspective.


Dreams really do come true!

I met my wife while I was in Korea for work. We were friends for 7 months while we dated in our respective areas, then decided that we enjoyed our relationship more than any others we had. I flew to California for a week to meet her and things were as great as they were when we talked before we met. I had to return to Korea for two more months, but when I came home we were married two days later in the Salt Lake temple. We've been married for almost a year now and have just welcomed our first child into the world. Dreams really do come true!


Instant connection

"ChantillyLace2004" and I met on LDS Mingle and had an instant connection. Now, she and I are getting married. Thank you SO much for helping us find our eternal mates--each other.


ChantillyLace2004 & Ted501

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