Success Stories: 2005

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We met in January of this year

We met in January of this year and started to email for about a month. In Febuary we finally met, and hit it off really well. I was "musicman83" and she was "smileygal". We just got married 3 weeks ago on the second week of September, and I've never been happier. She's the most wonderful woman I've ever met and had the privilege of dating, and am proud to call her my wife! I love my "smileygal", and her screen name surely fits her character! Thanks LDS Mingle, we've told a lot of people how good your site was.

musicman83 & smileygal

Mingle gave us a chance to meet

As a kind of ritual to close our accounts, we logged in as each other and looked at things from each other's perspective as we close this part of our lives and start a life together. Mingle gave us a chance to meet and grill each other before a physical meeting would distract us. We were able to use Mingle to assess each other's character and values before hormones could have a chance to distract us. We have met, of course, and are deeply in love, in part because we laid the right foundation first. Praying and going to the temple together was the next step in building a sure foundation. We have since shared laughs and smiles, scriptures and fun, and a whole lot of romance. Thank-you, Mingle, for doing our match for us (we were a 100% match) and for giving us the chance to lay the right foundation. We are growing deeply in love and look forward to our eternity together. God bless you all as you strive to find that one true love. We did and we will be forever grateful to Mingle and, most of all, to our Father in Heaven.

**UPDATED Jan 24th, 2007**
We were married civilly because there was going to be a wait for paperwork to be sealed in the temple. We decided that rather than wait and risk messing up we could get married civilly and then we would KNOW when we could be sealed. It would be exactly one year from the date of our civil marriage. We were sealed on our one year anniversary in the Toronto Temple and we had our big reception after the sealing. The former Temple President (who had been the Pres just a few months before our sealing) was Ron's old Stake President who had sent him on his mission. His wife was Ron's old seminary teacher and a confidante who had a big influence on his life. It was a privilige to have them present for the ceremony and for the Temple President (just months before) perform the ceremony. It was a wonderful day. The sun was shining and it was warm even though it was October. We had family fly in from New York and British Colombia. The missionary that was responsible for teaching my family and for baptising me flew in from Utah. It was the most amazing day!!!!

We are very happy and our love grows stronger each day. We are so grateful for LDSMingle. We were able to screen people based on our personal values to find those we would like to get to know better. Having a temple reccomend and attending church faithfully were on the top of our lists. We are so grateful that there was a place where we could find members with the same commitment to the gospel we each had. Thank you LDSMingle for making it easier to find the person of our dreams.



I never in a million years thought I would be as happy as I am now! I was divorced almost seven ago and began my search for that special someone shortly thereafter. I looked for many years, dated many different types of people and really narrowed down the type of person I was looking for. I never thought I would meet him online but as the prophet says, if it is used for good many rightous things will come to pass. (paraphrasing of course). For me that came to pass last October when I met a wonderful "farmboy" (for those who have not seen The Princess Bride, check it out to understand the anology). We were married May 14 this year in the Idaho Falls Temple. And, I truly could not be any happier. We have blended our families together and continue everyday to make our home a heaven on earth. Thank you so much for the opportunity I had to meet him on this site. JUST REMEMBER, KEEP PRAYING, DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!!

sheahglr & farmboy

We are a mere 11,000 miles away

Dear Sara:

For all those who are paying attention to any success stories, here goes. On November 20th, I will be winging my way to "Lovingmom" to visit her in East London, South Africa, from Seatac Airport, Seattle, a mere 11,000 miles away.

This I do in order to get a notarized certificate and photo of us actually meeting for immigration purposes, so I can fill out the Immigration Fiancee entry forms so she and her two daughters can join me here and get married.

The process from its inception should be complete and we will wed approximately in late March or early April. We will then prepare to go to the Oakland Temple one year from that date, to fulfill a revelation I had in 1969 of that Temple while I was still a Catholic.

The dream takes place in a Coast Guard Boot Camp setting, with a bunch of men dressed in green being yelled at by a man in white. The next part of the dream was my sitting by a large window that was closed and seeing the Temple Spire. This deam came true, and I was later transfered to Ketchikan, Alaska where I was eventually baptized on Jan 21st 1970. The Oakland Temple was on the Church Calendar that month.

Since that time I have seen it four times in 1976 and 1977 from on board the Coast Guard Cutter Campbell, but could not leave the ship to visit it, and it being closed for renovations.

So to honor my dream "Lovingmom" will join me and we will get sealed in the Oakland Temple. And, to honor her as a French Huguenot of Rodesian birth, I am allowing her to keep her maiden name. Thus allowing honor to be given to her ancestors as well, so she does not lose her Africaner identity and belonging.

Her two daughters are ecstatic over the prospect of getting a new dad that can show them the love that has been missing from their lives, and also to have the priesthood in their lives. "Lovingmom" especially.

Dearest Sara,

When I first joined your site, I was so frustrated as nothing went right, my payment never reached you and I kept on having problems trying to log in. Then I sent a second payment and in the mean time I met a wonderful man who sent me his profile, which my daughters read and they liked what they saw immediately. They were convinced this was their future Dad as his profile
spoke to them and they had a good feeling about him, more so than any other profile on the site.

My 15 year-old sent "Photogenius" an email and to this day I do not know what transpired between them, all I do know is I was prepared to get to know him better as my girls felt he was the one.
My 15 year-old had been praying for a man to come into my life for the last six months and every time she bore her testimony she would tell my ward how she had asked Heavenly Father to find a worthy Priesthood holder for her mom. Well her prayers were answered in the form of one well written profile that tugged at the heart strings of two young girls who would not stop until their mother took note and looked in the same direction. "Photogenius" came back to me with "what a commute". I loved his sense of humour and then we started emailing each other on a regular basis, and the more we emailed, the more I liked this sincere, loving, and caring man with a
laugh in his voice and a smile that makes you melt. It was exactly 3 weeks to the day when he sent his profile to me that he proposed. I was shocked, but decided to take it to the Lord in prayer, well the answer I got was so powerful and so overwhelming that I could not stop the tears of happiness streaming down my face. I felt like the Lord was in my room with me and telling me he was well pleased with my choice. The next day I woke up feeling like my heart was going to burst as something good was going to happen today. This was exactly 3 weeks later to the day, the whole day I
spent pouring my heart out to "Photogenius" and telling him all about who I am, and as I disconnected that night and turned to kneel in prayer the phone rang and it was "Photogenius" asking me to marry him when he arrived in South
Africa to meet me. Well, this time I knew I could really say yes as I had received my answer from above and I knew my Heavenly Father was well pleased with my choice. When I told my Bishop the next day as I believe in the report back system with my Bishop, he too had a wonderful feeling about this union. We are planning to be married at the East London chapel in South Africa on the 6th January 2006, it will be exactly 22 weeks from the time he first sent me his profile, so I guess as I said in my profile when I find the right partner the distance will not be an issue. I found this to be true with "Photogenius", he is all that I have been looking for and more.Thank you for making it possible for me to find such a gem, I look forward to being sealed with my girls to "Photogenius" for time and all eternity in the Oakland Temple next year. We will be relocating to Elma, Washington and "Photogenius" is adopting my two girls.

May this site prosper and continue to unite those that are truly seeking their eternal partners. Sara, many thanks to you and your staff for all you do to make this a wonderful site to meet sincere partners. Have a magical day and may you always be blessed with all you stand in need

Fondest love your sister in the gospel,

Dearest Sara,

As of 5PM on the 31st of December "Photogenius" and "Lovingmom" were joined as man and wife in the Elma first ward in Grey's County Harbor of the State of Washington. Thank you so much for helping us to find each other and for all your wonderful support and your amazing site. I have given your site to so many and they have seen my results and they also now believe that your site is genuine and has some amazing people online. I made some wonderful friends and I am so glad that my bad beginnings had such a wonderful ending, I am so happy and the girls and I are now living in Elma, WA, We love your country and we love our new home and the new man in our lives. Have a wonderful New Year and may you continue to bring joy to many more couples out there. I know if we are sincere and we really let the spirit guide us we will find the right person who is out there waiting for us, and even if it seems impossible at first, pray and make your desires known to your Heavenly Father and if it is right the way will be opened up for you, I bear testimony of this. I know that Our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us and he wants us to be happy, but we also need to do our share to make this possible. Thank you for making my dreams come true and for introducing me to my wonderful husband, I have never been happier and I look forward to being sealed to him for time and all Eternity.

May you all be blessed in your quests of finding the right partner, let the spirit guide you and you will have hearts desire, I Know this gospel is true and I know if we are obedient to the commandments we will be blessed and Heavenly Father will always watch over us. Have a really magic day and again thank you so much for the joy you have given me and my man.

All our love and best wishes,
Photogenius and Lovingmom

Photogenius and Lovingmom

The wonderful story of rowdymb and DoctorSurferBabe

Hi Sara,

One Sunday afternoon some weeks ago, I was checking the mingle to see if anyone interesting had viewed my profile. As it turns out, one minute before, "rowdymb" had checked me out. He was just randomly looking at profiles. Neither of us had ever come up on the other's search lists.

I read his profile and found him to be intelligent, open, and full of good humor. And it didn't hurt that he looks great! So, I sent him an email telling him that I thought he was interesting. He IM'ed me right back, and we talked for about an hour and a half. We quickly discovered that he used to date a good friend of mine from college, and they remained friends. This was very comforting, because I trust that friend's judgement. If they could remain friends after dating, then he must be a good guy.

IM'ing progressed to phone calls and webcam meeting, which progressed to meeting face-to-face. From the moment we met in person, we both were so comfortable with each other. He's someone I can be completely myself with, who I felt like I could trust immediately. He's fun to be with, thoughtful, sweet, and supportive. We have managed to be together every weekend since, and our feelings for each other have grown with every visit. We both felt completely peaceful about our decision to marry. As cheesy as it sounds, we both feel like we've met our "other half". I can't imagine life without him.

So, that's our story. I never thought in a million years that I'd meet my eternal companion on a dating site, but I'm so grateful for mingle. There's no way we ever would have met otherwise.


PS--attached is a photo of us taken the day we were engaged.

DoctorSurferBabe & rowdymb

It seems so odd to not have LDS Mingle as my home page

We really are both so very thankful for LDS Mingle because we know it's how Heavenly Father brought us two together. We are so blissfully happy and
feeling so very blessed. We have both been on LDS Mingle for a about a year and met and talked to many people. But, when we finally met, I knew I was going to marry him. It took him a little while longer to know I was the right woman for him. He's definately the cautious type. Now that he is sure,
and we are engaged, it seems so odd to not have LDS Mingle as my home page on my computer!!! You have become such a daily part of my life ;-)


I cant't begin to express my appreciation and eternal debt

Well, I have to say I was a little skeptical when it came to the whole internet dating thing like most are. I was looking for some chat buddies and friends, never thinking I could find my eternal companion here. But, I should have paid attention to my sister who met her husband on this exact site 9 months ago and my best friend who found his now wife-to-be on a site (LDS) similiar to this one. Well, I made some friends and one of them stood out above the rest, that being "LoveForEternity". We became friends. Then, as time progressed we became more than just friends. I am SO SUPER happy to say that I will be marrying this girl soon!!!! I owe LDS Mingle so much I cant't begin to express my appreciation and eternal debt to them for making it possible for me, "Fitness_For_Life", to meet that special girl who I will take to the temple next year! Thank you again you have blessed my life and my friends and families as well because of your site!!!

Fitness_For_Life & LoveForEternity

We lived at the opposite ends of Utah

We met on here November 14, 2004. We were both killing time before church one Sunday morning and I sent her an instant message. We talked for a couple of hours that morning and made plans to meet back online after church. We talked for hours everday online and on the phone ever since then. We met about a month later in person after we met online. We had our first date in Las Vegas. It was so perfect and so comfortable, we hit it off in person immediately just like we did online. It was the beginning of forever. We are getting married on Oct. 14, 2005, eleven months from when we first met. We're so grateful for the blessing of meeting each other through LDS Mingle. We lived at the opposite ends of Utah and would have never met if it hadn't been for this site. There have never been two people on this earth that were made for each other as much as we were.


I'm from Spain, she's from CA

About one year and 8 or 9 months ago, I met, thru your website, a wonderful girl nicknamed "Schmaff". I had to send her 2 smiles untill finally she started to pay attention to me. She didn't want to because, among other stuff, she lives close to Los Angeles (Calif) and I'm from and live in Spain. Yes! Quite much a distance! About a third of the world!

Anyway, we started to like each other, and after 4 months of chat, IM and phone, she came to meet me at my place and we stayed together for 3 weeks. Three months later, at the end of September, I went to her place where I also had the chance of meeting her lovely family. As things were working, we decided to "take the step" and in her next visit here, to Madrid, right after Christmas, right as she got to the airport and even before kissing her "hello", I kneeled in front of her and gave her "THE RING". We set our wedding day for next October 7th, so as promised, here I am attaching our announcement.

BTW, we're getting married FOREVER AND EVER in the Salt Lake Temple. I'm moving to the States, where I'll start from the night to the day a completely new life; you know: Married, in a new country, new job--everything. Having left me job here, my family, etc, etc. I just sold my car today! But, I don't care: I'd do anything for my baby. She's just the best! I guess that's the most important thing, that we love each other and that we'll do our best to make a eternal family out of this relation that we started thru you.
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!


Enigmatic & Schmaff

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