Success Stories: 2005

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Persistance paid off

Hi Sara,

Well, two weeks ago I married "rjk58013". We are so happy. I was beginning to think that I wasn't going to find someone with the site. But, persistance paid off for both of us. Thanks for everything.


animallover2 & rjk58013

We're getting married in Texas

I am from Chile. I met him on June 10th. I had been a member of LDS Mingle for a long time, but with no good results. When I met him I wasn't looking for anything, just to talk. So, we had a chance to become great friends. We laughed so much. We started talking on the phone in July, we often jokingly said I should fly up to see him. In August, he had to go through an Army leadership training course, but we were not apart, he called me on his cell phone whenever he could.

Before his training course was over, I decided I would go up to the United States to see him. Without telling even my family, I did all the paperwork to get my passport, visa and (with my dad's help) a plane ticket. When I told them (my family and Carl) the news that I was going, I got a lot of reactions. My family cried, Carl was extremely excited, my ward was excited too.

But, I was going up just to see him. He put me up with a young couple in his ward, I am staying with them until we get married. He proposed on October 10th after visiting the Dallas temple. But, where he proposed was in a gun store.

We're getting married in Texas and having a reception in Idaho on December 10th with his family.


I have some great news!

Hi Sara,

I have some great news! I am engaged to "thetrain". We met right here on LDS Mingle. We talked and exchanged emails then we met in person at the Birmingham single adult conference and we just clicked. It was 2 puzzle pieces finally coming together and we both heard an audible click that only we could hear. I never imagined I would find my soulmate, let alone having him still here on earth. I had thought that my soulmate may have passed on to the other side and I would have to settle for or not get married at all. Well, he has been right here in Birmingham, Alabama. It's amazing we are getting married on March 16, 2006. And later, we have plans to get sealed in the temple. Long story why we aren't doing that first though we have that as our number one goal. I have never felt this way towards anyone and I have been married and divorced twice. I am so happy I found my true love and just when I was losing hope. I have LDS Mingle to thank and my Heavenly Father up and foremost to thank for bringing "thetrain" into my life when both we were ready. When 2 people are meant to be together and they are both ready to meet things will happen. Thanks Sara for all you do and for helping the Lord to bring us together.

I thought I'd share the news and thank you again for LDS Mingle and being there when I was ready to give up hope. I guess my message is never give up there is always someone special for you patience love and perseverance and relying on Heavenly Father first and foremost you will find your one true love.

"AnnMC" and "thetrain"

AnnMC & thetrain

We truly did find that we are a 100% match

Hi Sara,

I'm writing for "leepitts". He was on LDS Mingle and met me. We are getting married tomorrow, November 4th. I was on LDS Mingle too. I was "perkypink". He took his name off your program and so did I. We are so very happy and so in love! I just can't thank you enough for your wonderful program. We truly did find that we are a 100% match as you said we were.

Thank you so very much!

perkypink & leepitts

I knew he was the one for me

My husband and I met on LDS Mingle on Oct.4th, 2002. He sent me a message and we began chatting back and forth, then started instant messenging, then talking on the phone. After three weeks of talking throughout the day and half the night, he drove six hours so we could go on our first date. The second night he proposed and I said yes. Then three months afterwards we were married. We've been happily married going on three years in February. I have never been happier than I am now, we have a beautiful daughter together and plan on having many more. I knew he was the one for me right away, we just hit it off, and I have never felt more at peace with anyone as I do with him.


We will continue our lives with each other for eternity.

I joined up because a friend of mine mentioned that I should give it a try. That was around 6 months ago. I came across the profile of "GlowGlenda81" about two months ago and decided to shoot her a smile. Since then, we chatted for about a couple of weeks and then started talking on the phone. Now we were pretty cautious about this whole online thing, because you really never the person on the other side. I have seen some psychos before who send you cards that say "I love you" and you don't even know them. I decided that it was time to meet her in person, because we had such great chemistry on the phone and really enjoyed talking to each other. So, this Tennessee country bumpkin flew out to Los Angeles for the first time to meet her. "GlowGlenda81" and I finally met in person on October 21, 2005 and are grateful to have found each other, because we fit perfectly in every way and we feel blessed because of that. We will continue our lives with each other for eternity. Thank you LDSMingle.

Emdarion & GlowGlenda81

We will always call ourselves newlyweds

"SleeplessInDraper" and I met last November, we had an instant connection. I always looked forward to talking with him and getting to know more about him. We finally met in person a few days later, and started spending more and more time together. I couldn't go a day without seeing him. When my grandmother passed away in February, he was always there to comfort me and make me feel better. A few days after the funeral he asked me to marry him. We were engaged for five months and only grew closer to each other during that time. July 21, 2005 came and we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Mt. Timpanogos temple. We have now been married for the best three months of our lives, and we owe it all to LDSMingle for helping us find each other, when we only lived five minutes apart.

Thanks so much LDSMingle,
Kimberlyn and SleeplessInDraper

Kimberlyn & SleeplessInDraper

We began corresponding in mid 2004

"Morfunmon" and "etm1969", respectively were married for time and all eternity on October 6, 2005 in the Washington DC Temple. The bride's daughter was the flower girl.

We began corresponding in mid 2004, but somehow lost contact with each other and then something happened to "etm1969", a rejection from one of her "potential" dates made her find "Morfunmon" again. God moves in mysterious ways!

Needless to say, we wasted no time and were engaged on December 20, 2004, two days after "Morfunmon's" birthday.

We are building our home close to Pittsburgh. We are so grateful to LDS Mingle for the service that they offer. We are a great match.

Here's wishing all of you who are still seeking a great find: a pearl of great price or a prince whatever the case may be!

"Morfunmon" and "etm1969"

"Morfunmon" and "etm1969"

I deleted his profile

Here is another successful story for your collection. First, I must admit I consider it incredible that I'm writing this kind of note now, but it is happening!! I (mecr) joined your service last year and was on and off, still not convinced that I'd meet that "special one", but I was mostly on to look for friends. Then one day, I saw "Anhagabau" online and invited him to chat which we did for a couple of hours. The next two times I saw him and invited him to chat again; he said he was busy chatting with others so I simply "deleted" his profile from my list. Almost two months later (beginning of May) and when my subscription was over and not planning to renew it at all, he invited me to chat. He said he had seen me online before but I was "quiet". Of course I didn't tell him I deleted his profile from my list. We chatted and that very night we went to the dance. I must admit I thought he wouldn't asked me out again since nothing spectacular or special happened during that first meeting, but he did and he certainly kept asking me to go out with him to the point that we fell in love and got married in August. What started as a simple date with no fireworks or magic but as a simple beginning of a new friendship ended with two people falling in love while getting know each other. Last night I told him that I was so thankful to him for making me so happy these two months that we have been married and certainly there are no words to express how happy we are. My bishop says he is a good man and I completely agree with him. I couldn't ask for more! Thanks for your wonderful service and good luck everyone.

**UPDATED Jan 18th, 2007**
He proposed on June and we got married on July 2005. I would had never imagined I would get married that fast but here we are, a year and
half later, very much in love and very happy. Richard is a wonderful man with so many qualities and a big heart, but what I love the most of him is his testimony of the gospel and our Savior, therefore, his effort to be
christ-like is what makes our marriage very special.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for your service.

mecr & anhagabau

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