Success Stories: 2005

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Took the plunge

I shocked him, he blocked me, I was moving overseas, he didn't want me to go, I took the plunge and asked him to marry me, he stunned me by saying, "yes." Eternal bliss is ours!

Thanks for everything,



Warm feeling all the time

Another Successful Mingles Match!! We may not have ever met without the help of LDSMingles. We all seem to want someone to cuddle with by a warm fire. But how nice it has been to find that same warm feeling all the time ---
-As we share conversation and can be open and honest without judgments
-As we pray together and discuss the gospel and our testimonies
-As we love and support each other during busy and stressful times, and as we integrate our lives and our extended families
-As we laugh and play together and share our sometimes silly sense of humor

We married on Dec 30, 2004 and have finally found the love and peace for which we have been searching for so long.

"itretulikealady" and "artistgal"

PS He certainly does treat me like a lady!
PPS She really is a lady and an outstanding artist, thank you Mingles!

itretulikealady & artistgal

They all cheered when we told them

Hi, I just wanted everyone to know how happy we are. My sweetheart and I met on this site almost two years ago and have been dating seriously for a year and a half. We are getting married this summer. I wasn't sure that this was a good way to find someone to love again, but here we are. He is pretty much perfect, and we have a lot in common. We each have 4 children very similar ages, and so we will be combining a family of 8 young children. They all cheered when we told them. There will be a lot of challenges ahead, but I know the Lord will help us.
Good luck to all of you!


the future looks just marvelous

Thanks for the congratulations. We couldn't be happier. Our story is a simple one. After dating for 6 years and meeting many men on both ldssingles and the mingle, I finally decided that a widower with a long history of marital happiness with one partner would probably be a better choice for me than a divorcee with baggage and hangups, not to mention financial difficulties. I also wanted to end up in St. George where my family is, so I saw "Truthandlight"'s info and decided to make contact. I was called "retired". We communicated for just a short while and decided to meet, 3 months ago. We had an instant attraction and it grew quickly into a full blown romance. Our wedding is in 3 weeks and the future looks just marvelous for us. I will send you a picture of us up in the red rocks of St George. Thanks for your website. Without it we might have never met.

retired & Truthandlight

I have found my man

I have found my man and we got married on Jan 17th at 1:55. We are now having the time of our lives, thank you Mingles for the boost it has given me and to let others know that this does really work.

best of luck to all.

"Kesavid" and "rls_n7zsj"

Kesavid & rls_n7zsj

I am so happy

We haven't quite set a date yet - she was married in the temple before and is now divorced so we're in the process of getting her a temple divorce and depending on how long that will take we will either wait to get sealed this year, or just go ahead with a normal wedding by a bishop only to be sealed later. I am so happy with her and the fact that your site enhanced my chances of meeting her. We have a incredible amount of things in common and are just so in love with one another. Right now I don't have any pictures yet, however, she is coming out in 3 weeks to visit (I live in MA, she in ID) so we'll have ample amounts of them after that and I will ensure one makes it's way to you.
Best of luck to you and your family and again thanks for your help, you'll never realize how great it was and how much it means to us!


He proposed to me on Christmas day

I got an email from you all last year when I closed my account. I decided to finally email you back because I met my wonderful husband on your website. We met in Sept of 2003 and he proposed to me on Christmas Day that year in front of his family--he really put me on the spot, huh? We were sealed for all time and eternity in the Salt Lake Temple on Aug 12th 2004. We are coming up on our 6th month anniversary and things are so wonderful. I am also enclosing our engagment picture. Thanks to you I have found the man of my dreams and we are so happily married :)


she said "YES"

You can log another success story: through your site I have met a wonderful sister, whom I have courted very actively for the past eight months. We have visited four different temples and had simply amazing spiritual experiences. Over the past weekend, she (finally) said "YES" to my proposal. We hope to marry in May. Thank you soooo very much. We are both just so happy.


Thank you LDS and the LDS Mingles group

Thank you to LDS Mingle. Coming out of 5 years in Scientology was hard. I was investigating many Churches and faiths and LDS was one of them. After going to the homes pages for LDS, I found a middle of the road Church I felt comfortable with. I contacted the local ward and at about the same time met another on LDS Mingles with just an 86% match.

She gave me the ultimate encouragement about finding out the truth about Mormonism, and it all came into prohibition this past weekend. She flew about 800 miles from the blizzard in the N.E. to attend my Baptism. It meant that much to her.

Without this good woman being there when I had questions, I might still be out there looking for the right faith. The Elders were most informative during my investigations and I sense that almost everyone in our Church wants to help when called on.

Thank you LDS and the LDS Mingles group.


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