Success Stories: 2005

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Drawn to each other

About 19 months ago, I "TKDmom" was contacted by "whtagyiam" and exchanged a few interesting messages back and forth. The contact was discontinued for awhile; then in mid-March, he started writing again, and we quickly developed a closeness that was intriguing and surprising. Normally, I would feel very uncomfortable with the speed with which things were progressing, but I felt totally at ease with him, and we decided to meet after about 5 weeks of e-mails and phone calls. He arrived on Sunday evening, April 17, from St. George, UT. We both felt drawn to each other in a spiritual way, as well as intellectually and emotionally. We spent the next three days showing him around the valley where I live and talking. There was no denying that we were meant to be together. He asked me to marry him, and I wholeheartedly accepted. We then attended the Billings Temple the next day, and had such a special experience there, that we knew our feelings had been confirmed. The wedding is May 17th. It will be at our church and our bishop will do the honors. We will spend a few days in West Yellowstone, MT before coming down again to the real world. I am planning on a reception at home after a couple of weeks. He and I share many interests. He is really intelligent and very
people-oriented; loves to talk about almost anything. He has a son and daughter the
same age as my two older kids. He has formed a great connection with my 10-year-old son at home, who is eagerly looking forward to our new family
structure. He is a real gentleman in dress, demeanor and speech. He treats me very well, and is a wonderfully sweet man. He is really everything I have been praying for--plus, he cooks! He tells me I am a wonderful, beautiful woman, and when I'm with him, I feel the part!
After being a widow for 6 years, I wondered if I would ever find another perfect companion, but it happened! Thanks, Mingle!

"TKDmom" & "Whtagyiam"

**UPDATED May 31, 2005**

Thank you so much for being my connection to the future! Between you and the Lord, my prayers have been answered in a wonderful, intelligent, kind, loving man, "whtagyiam".

After emailing and phoning for just 5 weeks, we met on a Sunday when he drove up to Montana from southern Utah (a gruelling 12-hour trek with plenty of time for second thoughts!) and by Tuesday we were committed to each other.

The next day we spent time in the Billings Temple and had the Spirit confirm our feelings that we should fulfill each other's dreams. We will be married on May 17th.

It'll be fun telling our grandkids in 20 years how we met on the 'net! Thank you for this great program!


TKDmom & whtagyiam


My user name is "turner43938" and my match's username is "sisterbaker_may01". We chatted with each other for about two weeks beginning October 3, 2004. We then exchanged phone numbers and talked for free on nights and weekends on our cell phones, while continuing to "mingle mail" each other. Our first date was on October 24. It was in a park in Columbus, exactly half way between our homes. So, each of us drove two and a half hours. We each brought our bikes; so after we attended church together in the morning, we rode through the park getting to know each other. We sat on the dock of the pond with our feet in the water. The most memorable part of that meeting was when she wrecked on her bike. She sprained her wrist, and I was able to help her as I am an EMT. We decided to meet again the day before Thanksgiving, exactly one month later. The park was her idea, so it was my turn to pick the date. I bought tickets to the Phantom of the Opera at the Murat Theatre, Indianapolis. She invited me to stay for Thanksgiving dinner with her family an hour from there. Then that weekend, when I got to have my kids from a previous marriage, she came to my house. That's when we knew we were going to fall in love, because she saw how great I was with my kids, as well as how great SHE was with my kids.

We met again on December 3, at the Columbus temple. Before and after the endowment session, we danced to a homeburnt CD until after midnight under a pavilion that we named "Georgia Pine" (meet in the middle beneath that old Georgia Pine). That's when we decided to become a "couple." We attended the temple once more that month. I attended her graduation from college, and helped her move out of her apartment. We made it a routine that I would travel to her home on the weekends I didn't have my kids. Then, she would travel to my house on the weekends I did have my kids. She surprised me on Christmas Eve by coming over a day sooner than we had planned.

I proposed to her just after midnight on Jan 1, 2005. She said, "Abso-floggin'-lutely," which means, yes. Then we took a celebration vacation to Georgia to visit some friends and the town in which she grew up. We went up Stone Mountain, attended the Atlanta Temple, and we read the book "How do you know when you're really in love" while we were in the car. That helped us to grow very close spiritually. A book we also read, that I highly recommend for couples ready for marriage is "Purity and Passon."

I took my kids out over President's day weekend to meet their future grandparents, aunts, and uncles (she comes from a family of 11). They love my kids and my kids love them.

From there, we have been regularly attending the temple and visiting each other on the weekends. We are so looking forward to being married, as it gets more difficult to be apart from each other during the week.

We are getting married on June 4, 2005 at the Columbus Temple at 11 a.m. So, if anyone who sees this is in the area and wants to stop by about that time, we'd love to give you a testimonial of ldsmingle in person. After the ceremony, we will be going back to the park of our first date and take pictures of us similar to the ones we took on October 24.

Thanks ldsmingle!

turner43938 & sisterbaker_may01

Best $29.99 ever invested...excellent return!

Best $29.99 ever invested...excellent return!!! Our respective eldest children convinced us to join the LDS Mingle. We were each reluctant, citing many reasons not to--no time, no interest, distance, artificial means of meeting people, etc. But, shortly after joining, we "connected" and emailed often (chat rooms and other instant contacts didn't appeal to either of us). Emails provided a degree of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual intimacy, then came phone conversations, and then dating. Being located 2,500 miles apart made "dating" a logistical challenge, but we decided that if the "chemistry" was right the geography could be dealt with. Amazingly, we fell in love and the rest is history. We have become best friends with the kind of relationship few ever experience in their lifetime. We have found our soul mate, and we make each other happy. At our age, and as widowed singles, we did not expect to ever feel love and a bond so intense again, but the Lord has blessed us with a second chance. We are now engaged and happy ex-mingles-singles soon to be married. We advise all to be honest and true, know who you are, leave your baggage behind, don't worry about the miles, respect the differences that you both might bring into a new relationship and take a chance. But, make sure that the connection is real and pray for the Lord to confirm. Sometimes eagerness and the excitement of new love can be confusing. Thanks Mingles for "facilitating" our eternal happiness.


I found him 4 days after signing up

Yes, I really did meet my eternal companion on this website. I found him 4 days after signing up. We started to email each other and then started calling and talking for hours at a time. We really hit it off and we started praying about each other. We shared a lot of spiritual experiences and decided to meet. He came out to where I live and the chemistry was incredible and we fell in love. This is the short version but it truly was a blessing from Heavenly Father. I was promised in a blessing that I would meet a beautiful man in 6 months and when I met him in the airport it was exactly 6 months from that promise. I know this man was sent from the Lord. After sharing some wonderful spiritual experieces together we decided to elope and so we did. I went out to see him in Alaska and we got married 3 days later. We were married on St. Patricks day and I just couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much for all your help. Deciding to go on this website has been the best thing I have ever done and has changed my life. I have met the man of my dreams, I have met my eternal companion. Thank you again!


I love him a whole lot

I just wanted to share a success story. I met my fiance through ldsmingle. We are getting married on June the tenth of 2005. I find it ironic that we're getting married because if you had told either of us that we would meet our future spouse via the internet we would have laughed in your face. Haha, and look at us now. I love him a whole lot. I'm pretty sure he loves me too ;-) He is from Arizona and I am from Utah. He flew out after emailing me a couple of times, and we met on temple square around November. He has flown out almost every week since then, and made me the happiest girl ever. I know we would never have met. Well, let's just say- God works in ;)
Just wanted to share my story, and say thanks (even though I never thought I would be saying this) for producing your lds dating site thing! ;-)
Peace and Love,


He got down on one knee

My name here is "Cayden_Rowe". In October, I met "works66". He is sweet, charming, and a wonderful father to a child that has never known her own. Just a little bit ago, "works66" took me to the temple and as we walked around the grounds looking at that wonderful building he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Thank you ldsmingles. Without you this would never have happened.

Cayden_Rowe & works66

If we can hold out that long!

Yakety and I met here mid Dec 04. We are now engaged with a July 05 Wedding date, that is if we can hold out that long!! Could be sooner. I am so glad LDSMingle was here to help.

Good Luck Everyone !

Pilhador61 & Yakety

A great feeling inside and a Big YES!

Thanks for your congratulations. I have to say that I am so glad I had the blessing to meet my husband on Mingle. Of course you know him, "Kmosabee". Well our story was just perfect.
We started to chat everyday, getting to know each other better. We have tons of things in common. Everyone was praying about it, if we were the right person for each other, and God answered that with a great feeling inside and a big YES!!! He went to Chile to see me (April 20th 2004). We spent time together, that was so exciting and great. He is a great man with strong moral principles and values, he has a strong knowledge about the gospel too. So we decided to get married and we started our papers in the USA Embassy in Chile (my country). It took several months to get my visa, but finally I got it. I traveled to the US on December 23rd (2004)and we got married on the 29th of January. We are just so blessed to be together. Our Father in heaven made us just perfect for each other. I love my husband and he loves me too.
Thanks again, for everything.

Chilenisima & Kmosabee

I bit the bullet

In July of 2003 I became a member of Mingle, after having been underwhelmed by another LDS website. I just loved the software of Mingle, and the way it tracks everything. I am a writer (for a living) and I REALLY believe that you can tell more about someone by reading what they write, than anything they may utter!

I really didn't know what I was doing, but I bit the bullet and took some photos of myself. That was the toughest part of the whole process, but soon I met a number of nice ladies. One in particular stood out from the group. Her username was Chamelion and we soon found ourselves chatting all night long! Well, at first she DID give me the wrong telephone number, accidentally, and I knew that she had a dial-up modem. She cut the internet connection to await my call, with me calling ALL the wrong people! I remember dialing every iteration of her telephone digits, waking some people up! All I could do was get back on Mingle and message her. (I thought she would be mad that I left her hanging)

Needless to say, I did get ahold of her, and we began getting to know each other. She lived about 45 miles away, so I asked her out. It was the FIRST blind date in my life, and I was a little nervous, but WOW did things work out well! I began making that drive MANY times. We are PERFECT for each other, and we often joked how we might also be one of those couples that writes a "Dear Mingle" success story letter!

Well, here we are...married! We tied the knot on April 15th, 2004 (yes, TAX day so I wouldn't FORGET the date!). We are preparing to get sealed in the temple, one year from that date! A lot of people think that this computer dating is silly, but it worked very well for us! I notice now that Mingle is even BETTER with new functions and features. I'd love to try it out the new software, BUT...hey, the old version already did the trick!!!

It worked for us, it can work for YOU! Thanks Mingle.

"TyStrat" & "Chamelion"

**UPDATED Aug 28th, 2006**
The last time I was here, the site was quite a bit different...a lower grade of forum software, but the FINAL OUTCOME was the same, as Desiree (chamelion) and me, Ty..(TYSTRAT) came back to announce that we have been married (because of "mingle") for 2.5 years, and we just returned from a belated honeymoon in Kauai. Combined, we have SEVEN children! Wow...but we're up for it. We are SOULMATES, and BEST FRIENDS.

I found the true love of my life here in these mingle forums. Oddly, the 'other' sites just didn't compare to Mingle. Now, I'm a writer by trade, and I can tell more about a person by reading what they WRITE than in hours of speaking.

NOW we are just 3 weeks away from permission from Salt Lake to get SEALED in the temple. So, by the time anyone READS this...we'll be eternal "soulmates" and "best friends". Cool, eh? All because of faith in a new technology to help me "meet people" Maybe eHarmony is onto something! We sure connect at a deep level because of our common testimonies. We both work hard at our marriage, and also in our daily lives. We do so willingly because of the blessings that have come.

Thank you very much, Mingle. You actually WORKED as advertised! Sincerely,

Ty Stratford (TYSTRAT)
Desiree Stratford (Chamelion)

TyStrat & Chamelion

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