Success Stories: 2005

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He is truly my best friend

Hi Sara!

Here's a success letter from an extreme procrastinator! This should have been written 2 years ago but it wasn't and I hope you can still use it! Thank you!

I joined after being divorced for a few months following a year and a half separation. Shortly after joining, I received a message from another member who also lived in Wisconsin, just an hour away. We started communicating via e-mail, then instant messaging, and eventually over the phone. After a month, we decided to meet. He seemed like a nice guy and I just wanted to "get my feet" in the dating world again after 9 years of marriage. We became good friends and started to date in the real world. After dating 6 months and falling in love, we decided to fast and pray about the decision to marry one another. We both received positive responses and were sealed 4 months later in the Chicago Temple.

We have now been married for almost 2 years and continually work together to "blend" our family of 5 children (he had 3, I had 2). This summer we welcomed a baby girl that made our family complete. Life "in the blender" is challenging but wonderful all at the same time! I don't believe I would have ever met my dear husband had it not been for this site. He is truly my best friend and I am eternally grateful to for providing this service that led me to him!

See attached image of our family!
Thank you so much!


We are now engaged to be married

On July 24th, 2005, I was online just checking out some guys and found a guy in my area I thought seemed like a nice guy. We started chatting and I am a very blunt person and asked him what he was up to that night. My friends and I were just going to hang out and watch a movie, so I invited him to come along. He informed me he was really shy and I took that as a challenge. I told him I'd pick him up in 10 minutes and asked for his phone number. He surprisingly gave me his number and I called him and got his address. I really don't recommend meeting this quick, but I had friends there to back me up. He turned out to be a wonderful guy! We hung out that night, then he asked me to come with him the next day to his family party on Pioneer day. I went and we hit it off so well he asked me out that next day. We've dated ever since! We are now engaged to be married in the summer of 2006 in the Oakland Temple. Thank you so much for helping us find each other!

Heavensangel & Basketballman21

Decided it was time to pursue this "pen pal" relationship

It's another sucess story! From beautiful Alaska! We never thought it could happen, but miracles do happen! Even with "long distance" dating.

"1brian" lives in Alaska; I resided in Utah. Initially it began as "pen pals" because of the distance. He contacted me in April, and we enjoyed "just getting to know each other" without any expectations. Neither of us thought there was a chance of ever getting together, but we loved corresponding about the outdoors and our hobbies.

In July I was offered a free ticket to travel on business and enjoy Alaska. "1brian" and his family graciously offered a place to stay while visiting his hometown. I had a chance to meet with his Bishop, his best friends, his grown children and other important people in his life. My visit was brief, but we decided it was time to pursue this "pen pal" relationship a little more seriously.

A month of emails and phone calls passed and we decided this was something too good to pass up due to distance. We both had a "knowing" in our hearts and a beautiful sense of peace about "us." I scheduled another trip to Alaska for September, but as time approached our phone calls became more serious and soon September was set for a wedding. Talk about a "whirlwind romance!" Only 45 days!

We married September 17 and we're both very pleased and very much in love with each other. Our likes, dislikes, goals, dreams, aspirations, family values and religious beliefs are pretty much the same and married life has been wonderful. I've even been offered 3 jobs since arriving here!

We spent our honeymoon hiking the mountains and ridges outside of Anchorage watching moose, sea otters, sea lions and bear, playing in Seward, and on the Russian River watching what was left of spawning salmon.

So, despite what they say about long distance relationships, and age, we're both 52 - we are a success story and thankful to LDS Mingle and our Heavenly Father for the opportunity to find each other! Thanks for contacting me "1brian"!

bsylee & 1brian

He had to join to see what I said.

Hi Sara~

We have been meaning to write our "Success Story" for quite sometime. I met "RJH2SIX" on LDS Mingle back on May 22, 2002. I saw his profile and wrote him. He had to join to see what I said. We had a 9:00pm date on LDS Mingle for a few weeks. Then we exchanged phone numbers, and he called!! We talked a lot of course. We had a small distance problem, I lived in Lancaster, CA and he lived in Las Vegas. We both worked and have kids to take care of. Finally, my sister came out from Florida and we flew to Reno to see my Mom. We had a lay over in Las Vegas going and coming back. We first met in the airport in Las Vegas. As soon as we saw each other we were very comfortable. He put his arm around me and we talked and smiled a lot. I felt like saying "where have you been all of my life?" He brought his youngest son and I brought my sister and 5 year old granddaughter. We got the stamp of approval from everyone. On the way home from Reno we met again in the airport in Las Vegas. He worked 2 jobs and had his kids on weekends, so time went by until the week before Thanksgiving, 2002. I took a trip to Las Vegas. Once again we were very comfortable with each other. He is such a sweetheart and a gentleman. The next time we got together was New Years Eve, then Super Bowl Sunday. Then he surprised me for my birthday in February. After that we took turns visiting each other in between High School basketball and baseball games and his work. We started taking short trips together and all our kids started pushing us to get married. Well, after my youngest son graduated from High School and my other son was on a Mission, I moved to Las Vegas in Aug 2005. He proposed to me on the Temple grounds and we got married 3 weeks later, September 16, 2005! Then we went on an Alaskan Cruise for our honeymoon! We are very happy together. This is our 3rd marriage for both of us and THREE is the CHARM! I have found the man of my dreams, yes, even at 48years old. He thinks I am wonderful and special. He is wonderful and the BEST.

Thank you, Sara and LDS Mingle.

SoCalRob & RJH2SIX

I met my husband to be on LDS Mingle.

I am glad to tell everyone that I met my husband to be on LDS Mingle. We became great friends around March or February. We went on our first date on April 27th of this year. We have continued to date ever since. We finally got engaged a couple of weeks ago. We will be geting married on July 6th of 2006 in the Bountiful Temple. We are both very happy to have met each other and to spend time and eterntity with one another. LDS Mingle is great, it really does work. There truly is someone out there for everyone. I hope everyone the best in finding there special someone.

parker2001 & veilmorris

I haven't had a profile now for over 1.5 years

I want to appologize because I haven't had a profile now for over 1.5 years and let me explain why. I was up in Alaska in the middle of the bush for quite a while when I met "dublniklz" on LDS Mingle. We chatted a bit, talked on the phone and when I moved to Utah a few months later to go to school, we started hanging out frequently as friends. We became best friends (but both dated other people at the time). I met other people on LDS Mingle but never anyone like "dublniklz" so I cancelled my profile cuz I just figured I'd met my gold. I went back home for a month and he couldn't stand me being away and so upon my return we began our venture together. We've been dating now for a year, and although it doesn't feel like we met on LDS Mingle, we did. I feel like we have been friends for forever and it's hard to imagine that something so simple could have connected us. He is my everything and I'm so glad that he sent me a smile so long ago - or did I send him a smile. See, I can't even remember, but thanks either way!


I think you guys have made another match!

I felt impressed to sign up with you guys after ending an engagement that over time did not seem completely right. On the 2nd day, I found an amazing fellow and we have become wonderful friends already and it's only been 3 days!! He is very very sweet and kind and humble and caring and LOVES HEAVENLY FATHER - and we match up in feelings and testimony and personality so much. And, he is very nice looking to beat! The feelings of this being a match are very strong and wonderful. Maybe Heavenly Father has prepared both of us in our life experiences to meet at this time and to be so appreciative of the characteristics of each other that we have developed over the years. You guys are angels for setting this site up! Thank you so very much. Will keep in touch how things are going!

PS - aside from this one and only one I felt impressed to answer it was quite flattering and uplifting to have many other LDS men send compliments and know that others appreciate you. Keep up this wonderful work and blessing.


When you know, you know!

"Michelle25" and I first "smiled" at each other on Aug 29. We chatted on Mingle once, after that we talked on the phone every night after I got home from work.

A month later, I met "Michelle25" and her parents, and her twin sister. I spent three wonderful days there. When I got out of the car, and met her, I knew I would marry her.

Three weeks later, I met her again, and we got engaged to be married. We're getting married in the Logan temple in April. I love "Michelle25", and I know she loves me! Some may say this was too short, but when you know, you know!


Ghster & Michelle25

Sparks flew!

"Dolphinman" and I, "Sunnybeaches", met online through LDS Mingle in late February 2005. We were instantly interested in each other because our profiles were such a perfect match. It's like we could have written each other's "perfect day" on our profile. And the freaky thing is that we were only down the street, literally, from each other. We instant messaged back and forth for a couple of weeks and then we talked on the phone for another few weeks and then we met at Chili's restaurant for our first date. Sparks flew! We were instantly attracted to each other. Unfortunately, he had to go to Singapore for 6 weeks right after we met in person. But, we continued to instant messager back and forth, sometimes for 6 or more hours a day (late at night for me here in the states which was early in the morning for him there in Singapore). By the time he came home we were in love! We then spent almost 24/7 together dating until we went to Maui and got married last week (November 4, 2005). I know that I NEVER would have met him if it weren't for LDS Mingle. Even though we were only 15 miles down the same road from each other, our paths would have never crossed. We owe your website a huge THANK YOU!!! We couldn't be happier or more in love. Thanks LDS Mingle!

**UPDATED Jan 22, 2007**
Hi! Just an update. Here we are, Sunnybeaches and Dolphinman, 2 years after meeting. We've been married a little over a year and LOVING it!! We are SO IN LOVE and still can't believe we actually found each other. When people ask us how we met and we tell them on the internet, they just can't believe it! Neither can we really, but we are SO thankful for LDS Mingles and how it helped us to get together. We just couldn't be any happier!! Thanks again for your website and for your interest in our story.
Vicky & Michael

sunnybeaches & dolphinman

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