My user name is "turner43938" and my match's username is "sisterbaker_may01". We chatted with each other for about two weeks beginning October 3, 2004. We then exchanged phone numbers and talked for free on nights and weekends on our cell phones, while continuing to "mingle mail" each other. Our first date was on October 24. It was in a park in Columbus, exactly half way between our homes. So, each of us drove two and a half hours. We each brought our bikes; so after we attended church together in the morning, we rode through the park getting to know each other. We sat on the dock of the pond with our feet in the water. The most memorable part of that meeting was when she wrecked on her bike. She sprained her wrist, and I was able to help her as I am an EMT. We decided to meet again the day before Thanksgiving, exactly one month later. The park was her idea, so it was my turn to pick the date. I bought tickets to the Phantom of the Opera at the Murat Theatre, Indianapolis. She invited me to stay for Thanksgiving dinner with her family an hour from there. Then that weekend, when I got to have my kids from a previous marriage, she came to my house. That's when we knew we were going to fall in love, because she saw how great I was with my kids, as well as how great SHE was with my kids.

We met again on December 3, at the Columbus temple. Before and after the endowment session, we danced to a homeburnt CD until after midnight under a pavilion that we named "Georgia Pine" (meet in the middle beneath that old Georgia Pine). That's when we decided to become a "couple." We attended the temple once more that month. I attended her graduation from college, and helped her move out of her apartment. We made it a routine that I would travel to her home on the weekends I didn't have my kids. Then, she would travel to my house on the weekends I did have my kids. She surprised me on Christmas Eve by coming over a day sooner than we had planned.

I proposed to her just after midnight on Jan 1, 2005. She said, "Abso-floggin'-lutely," which means, yes. Then we took a celebration vacation to Georgia to visit some friends and the town in which she grew up. We went up Stone Mountain, attended the Atlanta Temple, and we read the book "How do you know when you're really in love" while we were in the car. That helped us to grow very close spiritually. A book we also read, that I highly recommend for couples ready for marriage is "Purity and Passon."

I took my kids out over President's day weekend to meet their future grandparents, aunts, and uncles (she comes from a family of 11). They love my kids and my kids love them.

From there, we have been regularly attending the temple and visiting each other on the weekends. We are so looking forward to being married, as it gets more difficult to be apart from each other during the week.

We are getting married on June 4, 2005 at the Columbus Temple at 11 a.m. So, if anyone who sees this is in the area and wants to stop by about that time, we'd love to give you a testimonial of ldsmingle in person. After the ceremony, we will be going back to the park of our first date and take pictures of us similar to the ones we took on October 24.

Thanks ldsmingle!

turner43938 & sisterbaker_may01

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