refreshing to get to know each other

Yes, I did find my fiance through the mingle. I think our story is unique and beautiful. We are both widowed and have children. He has 3, I have 4. We both went on the mingle to hopefully look for other people in our situation who were LDS who we could talk to and make friends with. There aren't a lot of us out there who are young, widowed, and LDS. So, I think he smiled at me first and then we started emailing. The emailing turned into phone conversations and more in depth emails, and letters, and flowers, etc. etc. You can guess the rest! We were able to connect on such a deep and intimate level through emailing and it was so refreshing to get to know each other from the inside out, instead of the other way around. We finally met each other a couple weeks ago and everything we felt was confirmed even more for both of us. He is from Pennsylvania and I am
from Oregon. That is the only difficult thing, but we are planning to marry in November and we are so excited to join our families together. We are both so grateful for this service. I'm not sure how we would have found each other otherwise. But, we are both certain that our paths were meant to cross and we owe so much of it to you. Thank you!


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