had the joy of blending two families

Dear Sara:

The past year has been a wonderful journey, so let me tell you about us:

I first noticed "Aldo" because of his picture on Mingle. It was of this sweet girl, dressed all in white, kissing this handsome man on the cheek on her wedding day. I asked him if the picture was of his precious daughter or one of his 10 wives. He responded by referring to the last line of my profile which stated that I was more fun than dirt. "More fun than dirt, eh?" (He's Canadian) "Prove it!" I have been proving it ever since.

We lived about seven hours apart so we made arrangements to meet eight days after we began conversing on Mingle. (We both feel strongly that it is important to meet early in these Internet relationships, if at all possible.) We met at the Seattle Washington Temple and knew immediately we had each met our eternal mate. That was September 2003. We married last December and the past 10 months have been incredible.

We have had the joy of blending two families - six children and four grandchildren so far - and dealing with trying to see past our cultural differences (eh? huh?). What a delightful, precious relationship we have! We were blessed to finally find one another and each day we fall deeper and deeper in love.

So, while we made a few Internet 'mistakes,' we learned and we perservered until we found each other, and now we are making eternal plans. Who could ask for anything more? Thank you.



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