Web Snags Man and Woman

Several years ago when I lived in Atlanta, GA I first tried LDSMingle.com. Although I met a few men through the website nothing special happened. After moving to Florida, I decided to try it again. I created a new profile and sent in my photo. I mostly received emails from men who lived out West. I was in the process of winding down an out-of-state relationship and didn’t want to go through that again. Surely there were good LDS single men in Florida. I did a search within 100 miles of Tampa and saw there were quite a few men who had served missions and held current temple recommends.
One day "ArtistinWH" emailed me, "Bearskate". We immediately had a lot in common since we were both graphic artists. His area of expertise was illustration and mine was marketing. We emailed for several weeks starting in July and eventually talked on the phone. I fell in love with his voice immediately. He has an announcer’s speaking voice and a beautiful tenor singing voice. He used to sing with the Mormon Youth Chorus and has always been involved with music one way or another. Our first date went wonderfully. Since he only lived 45 minutes away, we were able to see each other steadily and allow the relationship time to grow. It was ironic to discover later that we had attended the same singles conferences over the previously year and had not met each other.
One Saturday in October, David and I were at the Orlando temple. After attending a session, David said he wanted to show me something. He lead me down the hall to a door. I said “Oh, an empty sealing room…” He sat me down on one of the chairs, then he knelt down and proposed marriage! I was the happiest girl in the world! We were married on May 1st, 2004 in the Orlando temple with all our friends and family in attendance. It was the most beautiful experience in my life. We often thank our Heavenly Father that we were brought together. I tell all my single friends to go to LDSMingle.com. Because, without the website we might have never met!


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