We shared smiles back and forth

"Jesse50" and I (cjennylee) met on LDSMingle last July. We shared smiles back and forth and Jesse sent me his profile. After becoming comfortable emailing and chatting online, we started talking on the phone and soon decided we needed to meet. This proposed quite a challenge as I live in Colorado and he lives in Delaware. We decided I would fly out east and we would spend a week in Washington DC, getting to know each other a bit. We always left the option for either of us to back out at any point in time should we feel uncomfortable with the situation. Prior to meeting, we learned as much about each other as we could and spent over 60 hours on the phone in a few weeks. We also did some internet research on each other. I am in real estate and was able to
access his property tax records (verifying he was who he said he was) and he is in banking and was able to pull my credit record (again for verification purposes). We also exchanged copies of our temple recommends. This all helped us feel more comfortable with me flying out there and being a little vunerable. It was fabulous from the beginning. Mid-week through that first 'date' we knew we wanted to pursue a long-term relationship and were discussing the possibilities of one of us relocating. When we were apart, we talked on the phone every day. In almost a year, there have only been 3 days when we didn't talk on the phone or in person. Thank heavens for unlimited long distance plans and e-mail! We continued to 'date', flying back and forth from Colorado to Delaware, Delaware to Colorado, seeing each other about every six weeks. We made sure that one of us flew out at some point during each month. We accumulated a lot of frequent flyer miles too! "Jesse50" flew out to Colorado in early November. He had pre-arranged a special date for us for the evening of the 7th, since we would be apart for the holidays and my birthday. Much to my surprise, a limosine (complete with a red rose and sparkling cider) picked us up for the evening. The driver took us to the Denver Temple, where Jesse went down on one knee and proposed to me in front of the fountain. It was so romantic! We rounded the evening up with dinner at a very nice restaurant and a limo ride through town. The next six months have been spent flying back and forth, talking on the phone and a lot of email as we made plans for the wedding and "Jesse50"'s relocation to Colorado. We were married 11 days ago, on June 18, 2004. We had a great wedding in the Denver Temple, honeymooned in Las Vegas, and had dual receptions in both states. Although Jesse hasn't completely relocated yet, we expect him to join me here in another two weeks. It is so wonderful to have met the man of my dreams and to know that we are together for eternity. Our meeting would not have been possible without LDSMingle. Thank you so much for opening up this forum for LDS singles to meet. There was something unique about LDSMingle that enabled me to meet people that I couldn't achieve on other websites.

"Jesse50" & "CJennylee"

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