Was just trying it out

I joined the site at the beginning of the year. My aunt told me that I should try it out. I never thought about it seriously. It was just something to do in my spare time. I thought that maybe it could help me to feel comfortable with dating again, someday. I didn't think that I would date anyone that I met over the internet. Then, I met "Robe28". We talked over the internet for about a month, and then we met. He lives two states away from me, and that is difficult, but we have still have seen each other four times in the past three months. We became engaged about two weeks ago, and plan to be married in September. He is everything that I have ever wanted, or needed! And, he is fantastic with my two young children! Thank you for creating this website. I had always believed that internet dating was for people who could not handle real socialization, and even criticized a friend in college for doing it. This site has helped me to see a better side of internet dating. I appreciate everything good that you do for people through this site.


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