True love DOES exist

We just got married on November 10, 2004. We feel we owe you a HUGE thank you because without you we would have never met. He lives in Arizona and I lived in California. There was no way we could have found each other if it wasn't for LDS MINGLES. I knew the moment I saw his picture that there was something special and different about him. He felt the same way after he recieved my mingle letter. We are true soulmates. We match in every way and we are so happy together. Our color code charts are so alike! We are strong "blues"--sensitive and desiring of the deep relationship we have found. We both wanted someone with the same spiritual strength and goals. We now look foward to serving a mission together. We have truly been blessed We know our Father in Heaven has brought us together for a wonderful purpose.
To all those who want to give up because of past relationships that have failed on here--we say DON'T GIVE UP! We both dated people on here and had disappointments, but we knew that we couldn't give up trying. True love DOES exist, don't settle for less! Good luck to all of you. We are forever together.

spanishsaphire & Danr

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