The right thing to do

We met on LDSMINGLE! We first met in October of last year and just casually dated for a while. She was living in Salt Lake City and I was in
Ogden. The drive, school, and work kind of hindered us really dating seriously for a while. In January, she moved to Ogden to attend Weber State University and since we lived closer to each other, we started dating more and more. After about a month of that we decided to see each other exclusively and see where that took us. After about three or four months of exclusive dating we both felt that getting married was the right thing to do, but not for about a year. We are planning on getting married next summer, after the semester ends. Even though she now attends the same university that I do, if it where not for LDSMingle, we probably would not have met as soon as we did and who knows what would have happened between us.


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