The rest is history

One cool January night in Hawaii, I was chatting with my buddies back home in Idaho, and a strange name popped up on the screen, "Degei". I read his profile and noticed he was from the same town, and that he went to the same University as me. I started a conversation and we chatted for a while, and said maybe we would see each other again online. The next day he was there and he asked if he could call me. I was hesitant and said maybe in a couple of days. Well needless to say those days passed and I gave him my phone number. Then "Degei" tried to persuade me to meet him for a date, after a few phone conversations I complied and met "Degei" in front of the temple. As I approached him, I was on the phone with my Dad (whom by the way was very nervous that I was meeting some strange man) and he urged me not to hang up until I met this mystery man. As I approached I noticed a tall, dark and handsome young man standing under the light post. From that point on it is history. We continued dating and eight months later we are getting married in August.

BeautifulSummer and Degei

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