The future looks bright


When I see that someone lives where one of my three brothers does, I always drop them a line to see if they have run into them at church. Five weeks ago, I noticed a very attractive blond that fit this bill in Southern California. She had an audio profile. I listened to where she gave her name as Diane. I sent a message asking if she had ever run into my brother. I told her after returning from my mission 32 years ago I dated and almost married a beautiful blond named Diane. She was a model and a beauty queen (No Kidding). Imagine my surprise and shock when I received a message later that evening stating, “You are going to have a definite case of deja vu, this is Diane, the one and only! You have come full circle, welcome back”. I flew across country to California a few weeks ago to see if there were any remaining sparks. Disneyland’s nightly firework show was a hand held sparkler compared to the show we sent into the night sky! The future looks bright and promising for a “Temple Marriage” within the timetable of the Lord. I sure hope he hurry’s. ;-) Yes, I’m not only the “fortunateone” but blessed beyond my capacity to receive it all. I shall be in his debt for this particular blessing throughout all eternity.


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