Soulmates for all eternity!

We began "seeing" each other on Mingle in December 2003. She living in Massachussetts (a.k.a. jingles), I living in California (a.k.a. lonelyldsdad). We started off just chatting, seemed pretty harmless, what with the distance between us. With the time difference, she ended staying up until the wee hours of the morning, just to chat. Little did I know that she would be moving West, to Utah. Our chatting went very well, learning all about each other, both spiritually and emotionally. We were like twins! Our color profiles even matched very closely. Both of us had been chatting with other people, but still always came back to our favorite person to chat with, each other. I never figured I would be at the top of her list, but she soon told me I was. That was it, we were meant to be together. We met face to face in July, 2004, and are now getting married in December. Soulmates for all eternity!


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