So much for 'never getting married again'.

Yes, we met through the LDS Mingle site. I've been a member for quite a long time, but wasn't very active about checking out profiles. Over the years, as I would get emails from other members of the site, I would almost immediately tell them that I wasn't interested in getting married again. I guess that was my way of protecting myself from being hurt later on when things didn't work out. My oldest son challenged me one day to write to five men per week. Well, I checked out the profiles and wrote to a few, but my heart just wasn't in it. I decided to leave it all up to the Lord. I wasn't going to freak out or take it the wrong way if I never heard back. I was just going to be neutral and not expect anything.

When I saw his profile, I loved his picture. But after reading his profile I knew I had to write to him. He just seemed so open and honest. We started emailing just before Thanksgiving last year. The phone calls started a week or so later - and yes.. I told him I didn't want to get married. He told me that he was looking for a wife. However, we did keep talking and emailing daily. The first meeting in person happened on Valentine's Day weekend. He was just precious - very funny and fun to be with. We hit it off very well and when he left he told me he would see me in June. He had already planned a kayak trip in the area for that time. I lived in NC and he in Indiana.

Instead of waiting until June, he came back in March and we planned for me to visit him in April. After his trip back home in March, he told me that he wanted to see me in April, but that would have to be the end of it. He was afraid he would fall in love with me and then what? By that time, I was already falling for him and didn't want to stop seeing him. So, I told him that was unacceptable. That if we were meant to be together, then things would work out. I guess I was finally open to the possibilities.

We saw each other as often as possible, did fall in love, and he proposed in May. We were married in the Columbia, SC temple on October 21, 2004 and now live in Indiana together. So much for 'never getting married again'.

Thanks for everything!


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