Rewarding experience

Yes, Rob and I met on your wonderful site. The whole experience has been a very rewarding one. I joined the site about a year before I met Rob with a brief interruption when I moved from Canada to Pennsylvania, a most inspired move I might add.

Rob's daughter, Jenni, had given him a subscription to LDS Living and the magazine that arrived had a LDS Mingle ad in it. He was intrigued and after some discussion with some of the children--he has 10, they agreed he should
join. Jenni helped him pick his wardrobe and took some nice photos of him to include with his profile. Amy, the only child still living at home
helped him with the profile write up and before you know it, by August of 2002 he was officially a member. It is interesting to note that he never
got any more magazines in the subscription, some glitch in the ordering.

Rob is an exceptional man, a member of the church since the age of 13 and served his mission in the mid-west. He had been widowed for 8 years at the
time of his Mingle join and brought all of his children up on his own during that time. He is a police officer and worked many overtime shifts to
make the difference.

I came to PA to pursue a change in my Nursing Career after being divorced for 6 years. I had been a member since I was 18. I am now the Director of Nursing at a wonderful Rehab and Nursing Center here in Lancaster, PA.

I spent much of that summer (2002) and early fall communicating with several very nice folks from the system and even met a fellow who flew up from
Colorado for 5 days. I remember Rob wrote me two weeks before Jack was to arrive, and I said to my friend Kim (also a member) that I really felt
compelled to write him but was torn by the plans to meet Jack. We agreed to just let that be, until I was able to see whether Jack and I had what we felt from our telephone conversations.

Well needless to say, I did not feel that Jack was right for me and told him so during his visit. Rob and I began communication and after several delightful letters, we finally decided to talk on the phone. I remember we were so nervous. However, after the initial hello, is was so easy and an hour flew by quickly. We spoke every day after that for a few weeks and finally he invited me on a first date. It was especially wonderful, as he lived in Reading, PA and I in Lancaster--just 45 minutes from each other. The date was set for Saturday evening in November. He told me he would be in Lancaster early that week and would drive by my house just to be sure
where to come and pick me up on our date. So on Tuesday that week as I arrived home from work I found a long box leaning at my door with beautiful
white and burgundy lilies inside and a sweet note from him.

I was comfortable allowing him to pick me up at my house on Saturday, as weeks before, I asked my Bishop to call his Bishop to assure he was a
gentleman of good standing, etc. As you know, even as members of the church, we women in particular must be very careful. I wasn't surprised to hear of his glowing character report as I find I am very good at discerning the credibility of a person. I was delighted to know that he had been serving as 1st Councilor in his ward Bishopric for the past 3 years and was
known among his community as a most kind and generous man.

So Friday afternoon, the day before our date, the florist delivered a huge bouquet of yellow lilies and blue irises in a wonderful blue vase, with a sweet note that said "Katherine, the flowers and
I had a talk and they could not wait until Saturday." Wasn't that sweet!

So the date arrived, and as we laid eyes on each other for the first time, we were not disappointed, he held my hands and kept saying "Oh, my! Oh my!"

We spent the evening at dinner and then on to Christmas Village, a wonderful place filled with every magical light and celebration of the season. We talked for hours later in the car and each of us floated home that evening. We both knew that there was something very special about this chance

The next day, he joined me in the evening at my ward for our annual nativity display (Crèche's from around the world are displayed in the Relief Society Room) and special musical performances in the chapel.

We certainly became inseparable after that, coordinating our time between each city or attending each other's Sacrament service. Christmas was wonderful. I met so many of the children home from Utah and California and by
February we clearly knew we had found the right partner. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, after we had attended a session in the Washington
Temple, we visited in the Celestial Room and suddenly Rob got down on one knee and presented me with a proposal of eternal marriage and a beautiful ring. It was an incredible day, one to cherish forever.

Time then swiftly passed by as we began planning the wedding and searching for a house to call our own. It was a truly amazing summer as we traveled
home to Nova Scotia, Canada for our wedding in the Halifax, Nova Scotia Temple (my Temple, before moving to PA) and Rob had the opportunity to meet
all of my ward families and my own family and friends. The reception was beautiful, in fact Brother Frank (our Master of Ceremonies) wrote me last week to tell me of how people still talk of our reception and how we set the bar.

I moved into our new house in PA, two weeks before traveling to Canada for the wedding and then Rob moved in after we arrived home, although it took
us weeks to empty and sort his house of 18 years in Reading. Then, in late July, we had a second reception here in PA for all of our family and friends locally.

Now, a quick year later, we have celebrated our anniversary on June 21st, with certainly no regrets, we just love each other more and more. We have made a lovely home and Rob's son Joshua moved in with us in May after returning home from his mission in Canada.

It is a blessed life, and it started all with you. I am always singing your praises and recommending to my single friends to join the site.


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