Opposite sides of the planet

My name is Dennis. I'm so glad that this site's here. I live in a place where there are very few LDS women of my age group (and I'm only 23!), so I decided to sign on to LDS Mingle. For over a year, I'd had hit and miss results, but eventually, I found the one. Granted, she was stationed in Korea at the time I met her, but we did get to know each other very well before getting to see each other in person. We got to know each other by emailing and talking on the phone from May to August. Thankfully, the Lord made it possible for her to come down to Texas for a month to visit her family and I was able to make the relatively short trip (3 hours one way) to see her twice a week for the month of August. We met on the 6th of that month and things were picture perfect! She's such a wonderfully beautiful person inside--and I came to find that held true for the outside, too! We felt so comfortable around each other; it was incredible. We were exactly what each other was looking for. A few days later, I seriously asked myself if she was the one. I fasted and prayed (she already knew for weeks) and I got my answer. On the 18th,I proposed to her and she accepted! Our wedding is scheduled for the 23rd of October in Laie, Hawaii. Neither one of us could be happier than we are now. Thank you so much for your services in helping push two people together from opposite sides of the planet. We both feel so blessed! Thank you!

Dennis and Sarah

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