One date, One perfect match

I'm getting married! I've been happily single for a long time (I just turned 29), but this past summer I started to have the feeling that I was in the mood for a date, boyfriend, etc. So, my good old dad signed me up for a month at LDS Mingle, and away I went. It was harder than I thought, I couldn't seem to meet anyone I was interested in, who was also interested in me. But, just as I was starting to think about abandoning the whole thing, I finally met a guy I thought I'd like to go out with. We started dating, spending lots of time together, and went on a trip together over Labor Day weekend (my birthday). After spending three solid days together and not geting sick of each other, we knew for sure we were on to something. Long story short, we got engaged last night after knowing each other for two months! We're getting married next spring. So, I got exactly one date out of this whole thing, and it turned out to be my perfect match. Thank you so much for the service you provide, I will always be grateful. And I'll have a great story about how I met my husband.


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