Never Too Late to Find the Right Person

About one year ago this weekend, I joined Mingle. I had no aspirations of meeting "Mr. Right" nor EVER getting married again. I was a professional woman, owned my own home, and was doing ok for myself in southern Florida. Then, I signed up with LDS Singles Mingle and my life changed forever. I was lucky enough to get quite a few "hits" on the website, but one wonderful person kept "rising to the top". We started writing and writing and writing and well, within two weeks, I called him (I couldn't wait any longer) and we spoke for hours. I knew he was "the one" immediately. His voice was magical.
We got engaged two months later (after many trips back and forth to each other's homes). You see, he lives in Washington State and I lived in southern Florida! Could two people be more further apart geographically yet be closer together in spirit, we wondered? We did/do feel it was the spirit that led us to each other, and kept us going as we tried to do the impossible: two "over 50-year-olds" trying to start all over again with the love of their life.
We were married December 27, 2003 (we had spoken on the phone the first time on April 29th, having started correspondence the middle of April).
We are now living happily, so very happily together in the southeast corner of Washington State. We know we have found the right mate for each other and your website, along with the spirit and the gospel has made this all possible and proved that it is never too late to find the right person for you. DON'T EVER GIVE UP! Have faith and persevere!
We just wanted to share this with you. The way we got to know each other was probably the best way, we could really get inside the other's head and appreciate their thoughts, education and ability to express themselves.
Thanks so much for making our lives so spectacular at this point, over 50 and still going strong/starting a whole new life, who would've ever guessed?

Stan and Laura Sessions

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