Met the love of my life

I met my fiance on LDS Mingle. We first contacted each other back in December. We chatted for a while, then exchanged phone numbers. We decided to meet for lunch sometime in January, but that never took place, he had to canceled and with our busy schedules it was hard to set another apointment. I started dating someone else and he did the same. I broke up with the guy I was seeing and he broke up with the girl he was dating. We started talking on the phone again at the end of May. We had few conversations and at that point He had all my atention. I was very interested in him and his ideas. It seemed like we thought the same way, had the same goals in
life, and were both romantic. To make a long story short. We met in person on June 8th for a basketball game. We have seen each other every day since then.
A month later, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We got engaged at one of my Scouting events on August 13. We are planning a wedding for December 28. Thank you for giving us the platform to meet each other.
It's hard to be out there looking for the right one; it's hard to find the right one among all the crazy people online; but it was worth every penny I spent on LDS Mingle. I did find the love of my life here.

Lily Velasco & Christopher Yuen

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